Youth ministry programs
Yanique of New York writes

My name is Yanique and I am 16 years old. I am a junior in high school and will be graduating next year. My hobbies and interests are dancing, tennis, track, swimming and basketball but my favorite is dance. I have been dancing since I could walk.

I do not attend Mr. Tim's church in Deer Park but attend a similar church in Brentwood (Long Island, New York), which is ten minutes away. I attend youth group in Deer Park because it is a very involved youth group and it is good to do the work of the Lord with other Christ followers my age.

Well, my new friends, that is a little about me but what can you tell me about you? What are your hobbies? How do you do the work of the Lord? What keeps you doing it when, at least for some of you, there are risks? It is so nice knowing that there are other young people like us in Africa and other parts of the world and I hope you all keep your efforts up. Whenever you are in doubt remember - the answer is "love" Stay strong in the Lord. Your new friend,

Yanique, 16, C. Islip, N.Y."

If you would like to correspond with Yanique, please write to her at: Yanique will be notified.

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