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Angelica of Deer Park, New York writes

Daniela: Both Angelica and I have been participating in the youth group for several years. Every year is an amazing experience and we always realize something new about other people's lives. The 30 Hour Famine is always an event we look forward to even though we have to starve for an extremely long time.

Angelica: Last Year's 30 Hour Famine focused on people in Indonesia. We learned about how people lived day to day and the difficulties they were faced with - whether it was an earthquake, unpredictable harvest, lack of medical attention, or lack of clean water. We did many activities to realize what people have to face in Indonesia.

Daniela: First we were divided in groups and each given a card that was an average person in Indonesia. The card had the persons name and the difficulties he or she faced, this could be a disease like typhnoid fever or lack of education because they have to help support their family. After this happened we did activities, some of these events included Finding Food, Mosquito Tag, and Water Source.

Angelica: In Finding Food a few people were selected to go in the center of a circle from different tribes. He or she was blindfolded and their teammates had to direct him or her to where the food was. The person in the center who got the food first won the round. This showed us how unpredictable their harvest are just like how unpredictable it was for the person in the center to get the food; in both cases you didn't know the outcome.

Daniela: We also did an activity called Mosquito Tag. In this game the people who were the mosquitoes were blindfolded and they had to tag anyone from the tribes. Whoever got tagged was bitten by malaria. This showed the lack of medical attention there was in Indonesia and how children and adult lives were a risk. The activity Water Source really shocked many of us. We saw how people had to drink and clean themselves with the same water.

Angelica: the 30 Hour Famine is always an incredible experience. It always teaches us something whether it's about children in Uganda or hardships people endure in Indonesia. These activities really show us what people face on a daily basis. The 30 Hour Famine shows everyone that anything can change someone's life. The simplest actions can determine the difference of someone living or dying. Most of all these actions can be done by anyone.

Love,Angelica and Daniela

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