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"I am Christian, but you don't need to be Christian to join," said sophomore Paige Devine, the host of Young Life in Palo Alto. "Young Life is just a great thing to be a part of." Although Young Life and Christian Club are two entirely different groups, math teacher and Christian Club adviser Arne Lim and Young Life's South Peninsula area director Audrey Blomgren, are good friends, according to Nielsen.

"So I'm in the Christian Club at Paly and [Young Life] met with us and asked us to join [their group]," Nielsen said. "They came to our club and told us about what they do. It's really cool." Young Life aims to connect with its participants through games and fun activities, such as the marshmallow fight Nielsen attended. The other meetings hosted by Young Life have been arranged by Devine.

At the first introduction meeting of Young Life on Dec. 15, 2008, there was a white elephant gift exchange, a competition to decorate people's faces like a cookie and a race to wrap people in wrapping paper. Activities such as these inspire those who generally might not consider joining Young Life to participate in the group. Others join the group because they want to try something new or meet new people...

"It's a sin to bore kids with gospel," Young Life founder Jim Rayburn said. Its members agree. "Young Life is just a really great thing to be a part of," Devine said. "It's amazing and anyone that wants to should definitely join." If you wish to read the entire article, please click

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If you would like to reflect on the statement "It's a sin to bore kids with the gospel", please write to Our position is that we must present the gospel to our young people. All of the time. But we must find interesting and fun ways to do so. So we agree that it is not wise to present the gospel in a boring way. We believe that there are lots of ideas on this website that will allow us to do just that.

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