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Rwanda Youth Worker Review

My name is Victor. I am living in Kigali/Rwanda/Central Africa. I am a Christian youth leader and Secondary School fellowship leader in our country during 7 years, nowadays: One among Church Leader and one among association against poverty leader.

In this interesting book, I learned a lot of things from it. As a young man, a youth leader, I so helped myself whereby I'm going to help my fellow Christians using this book. In the book I'm glad of it because I grew spiritual from the strong topics which I went through. I especially liked how you can use youth, grouped together, to go deeply into any topic and learn from them by using games/life experiences.

I learned about Thanksgiving, how vertically I got a reason to thank God. The teaching from 2 Peter 1:5-78 about needed qualities and how God expects those who are filled with His Spirit to use those qualities (Matthew 26) were some of the most meaningful lessons and activities in the book.

Lastly when I went through the Angels Teen Lesson, I came to understand the meaning of angels and about modern day angels. I appreciate you supporting my ministry by sharing these hidden, richest teachings and I promise to help my fellow youth to know God, where we can find Him and ways we can listen to His still, small voice. Let me thank you for this precious book and may God bless you much.
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