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Former youth member now a Youth Group leader!

"My mother(Leslie Ermert), had been a long time friend of Tim, and I (Stephen) have been a member of the Youth group he runs for about 5 years now. At this point though I have graduated and now run a youth group at my own church. Since being thrown into this responsibility I have used the book, Not the Same Old Done-it-before Youth Meetings, as a resource on many an occasion. I never realized how hard running a youth meeting and keeping the people involved and entertained was, but the book has made coming up with activities simple, easy, and fun. It was interesting to see how to do things from the side of a leader, and the book is a good read to boot!"

"I would recommend this to anyone running a youth group or to anyone who would like to spice up their Sunday School classes."

By Stephen Ermert of Babylon, NY

January 10, 2010

Stephen on Food Drive as youth member (2006).

Learn more about the "activities, simple, easy and fun" to which Stephen is referring.

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