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Review of the Book, "Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings". My name is Robin Daud from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am the founder and chairman of one of the leading youth groups in Pakistan, named the Christian Youth Development Organization (CYDO).

The book, "Not the Same old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings" is an exciting, practical, knowledgeable and well composed book that, despite its length (360 pages) I took only ten days to thoroughly study it.

• Elements of Excitement: The reader can feel excited by studying chapters like Flashlight Sing, Olympics, Valentine's - Day of Love and Youth Meeting Place. The reader is involved to substantial extent, for example, I reacted enthusiastically to the competition of flashlight singing in which the youth group is divided into teams and each team has to sing a song and so on.

• Elements of Practicality: Through this book young people can be encouraged that the Holy Bible is an effective source of hope and redress for young people, e.g. in the lesson "Prayer" the starting verse of the chapter, "And being in agony of mind, he prayed and more earnestly and intently" (Luke 22:44). There are helpful references given alongside it about the Prodigal Son and about the crippled man, etc.

In addition chapters 24-26 entitled "Who do you say I am?", "Where can I find you God?" and "What would you have me do?"... these chapters, along with the evidences and references are marvelous about the practical aspects of the Lord.

• Elements of Knowledge: Apart from excitement and practicality this book is elaborated with knowledge, for instance, chapters like "Study of Angels for teens". In addition the "Lets Ask God" chapter gives techniques to share knowledge and something new for young people.

I would conclude by appreciating great effort from Tim Ferguson and recommend that this book is fruitful especially for youth leaders and workers. I pray that his untiring efforts for the last so many years may bring fruit.
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