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Wow, what a resource!!!!, January 26, 2008 By Nalini Durgana (New York)

I've been a Sunday School Teacher since 1998 and have assisted during many youth group activities. It is always a challenge to discover ideas that are not only simply for fun but which also teach the gospel message and engage the imaginations of our young people.

"Not the Same Old, Done-it-Before Youth Meetings" does this. It has lots of fun activities but, much more importantly, it addresses the need to challenge the minds and hearts of our young people. I was impressed by our young people's response to several of the scenario's in the "Jury Speaks" chapter. The Cosmology and Genesis One lesson opened the minds of not only our young people but of myself to the remarkable similarity between the first chapters of Genesis and the most modern of scientific theories.

With 350 pages of ideas, youth leaders may wonder where to start but the multiple indexes by topic and by bible verse - really help us focus on finding the right activity for the meeting at hand. So far, everything has worked. I recommend this book for any Christian educators but particularly for youth group leaders.

The book begins - youth want to make friends, expand their horizons and find ways to "make a difference". This book will help any youth leader, as it has helped us, attain these goals.

Learn more about the "themes and ideas for communicating the gospel" to which Nalini is referring.

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