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Book for Christian Teens and their Youth Leaders

'I have had the good fortune of knowing Tim Ferguson for at least a decade. He has the passion to reach young people, which is so key to any successful youth leader. He is deeply committed to relating to and caring for the youth that come into his program and his genuine concern and love have enabled him to be extraordinarily effective "Tim is amazingly creative, coming up with themes and ideas for communicating the gospel to youth that are fresh, fun and above all do the job. He is collaboratively creative, working collectively with both the youth and his other leaders in generating these ideas and themes"

Youth leaders of the caliber of Tim Ferguson are a rare and precious gift. Over the years his passion, creativity, integrity and leadership gifts have inspired me to be a better leader not only to youth but to those with whom I serve in ministry.'

Rev. Kennedy McGowan , First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, Florida

Learn more about the "themes and ideas for communicating the gospel" to which Kennedy is referring.

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