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What is on this site?
  • Activities: Includes Christian youth activities which have been successful. It is divided into two sections: Activities that Teach and Activities for Fun. We'd love to hear from you and share some of your group's successes.
  • Youth Speaks Out: A place for Christian teens to chat: This page has received the greatest number of responses. Read correspondences between youth from New York and youth from Uganda, East Africa. Join in the dialogue.
  • Youth Leaders Speak Out: For the adult leaders to share their thoughts about youth ministry, Christian youth resources that have lead to youth program ideas. We have heard from youth leaders in the USA, Uganda, the Philippines, India and Malaysia and are definitely envious of the pictures sent from Ulyssis of the Philippines. What an environment for a youth gathering!
  • Question of the Month: Discusses topics particular to Christian youth ministry. Previous Questions of the Month can be found in the archives section. We have added a Christian teens forum question where Christian teens can chat.
  • Mission Moments: Descriptions of mission events which have been successful and do not require great expenditure. We are always looking for new ideas. We have added a description of four projects taken on by a group of about 15 young people in El Salvador this summer. They truly took to heart the lyrics of the song ..."they will know we are Christians by our love". Their story with plenty of pictures follows the 30 Hour Famine story on the Mission Moments page.
  • Personal History: Is the story behind the website and a recently published book for Christian teens, sharing ideas that work to bring them together in faith.
  • Contact Us: Specific contact information.
  • Links: Place for you to tell us how to contact you.
  • Our Guestbook has been popular with several thoughtful comments about the site shared.
So use the navigation bar above, to explore and get to know us all and our ministries. Thank you for visiting and may God bless all of your youth ministries.
Tim Ferguson

The author of Ecclesiastes wisely stated "Young people enjoy your youth ... be happy while you are still young. Do what you wish to do and follow your heart's desire ... but remember your creator."

We, youth leaders, need to help our Christian teens enjoy their youth as we teach them the love that emanates from our creator. When we accomplish this, Christian friendships are formed.

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