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We are very pleased to have received the below responses which we wish to share

Kwaku Gyamfi writes, "hey Tim, my name is kwaku and this is in regards to movie request on your website. This one that I use with our youth in the arena of sexual purity is not movie per say; it's more like a teaching but it's jam pack with lots of fun. It's entitled: "keep your underwear on" by Jentezen Franklin...check it out if you haven't already...God bless!"

Yes, I did check it out. For my response and other resources, click:

Sexual Purity Resources

Received another suggested resource from Richard Vance who writes, "I am a first time visitor to your site and would like to recommend a movie in answer to your query regarding something suitable for youth and addressing the value of sexual purity.

Check out "Pamela's Prayer" Awesome!!"

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