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Youth and Youth Leader's Question for the Winter Months 2008 Christian Music

A friend of this web site wrote about the song you heard on the home page, "Praise Him" and shared how it touched her heart. It made me think about the songs that have touched my own heart. There are many but a couple of special favorites. I will include a later post discussing them. Do you have any special songs that so touch you? Is it the lyrics? The music? Or both? Is it the timeliness of first hearing the song?

I am especially interested in any new songs? Perhaps you wrote one? Please share with us on this forum
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March / April / May

Our young people are eager to be guided into new experiences on their spiritual journey. There are many roadblocks along the way. As youth leaders we face them on a regular basis. What are one or two significant roadblocks along the spiritual journey of our youth? What steps are being taken to overcome them? Thank you for your inspiring thoughts.
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While completing the activity "Expectations and a Declaration", the youth group and I raised the challenge to each other to expect to learn something new about the Christmas story this advent season.Thus, the December question of the month is simple - what new thing did you learn about Jesus' birth this year?
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Christian Teens Chat at Youth Group's Question for the Winter 2007

In I Corinthians chapter 13 the Apostle Paul writes,"Meanwhile these three remain, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love". Since the Christians Under the Stairs Youth Group has been discussing "grace" and our year's theme is "Christian friendship", we raise a new question, grace, friendship ... these three, which is most significant?
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Fall 2007

We Christian youth group workers have difficulties working with Christian teens but many, many joys. Tell us about a special event your youth group has experienced. What made it special? What made it memorable? What did you learn about your young people from this event?

The event can be a serious one or just a lot of laughs or anywhere in between. We in Deer Park have many special moments but I promise to limit my sharing to just one. I'll wait a few weeks for others to go first. Looking forward to hearing your answers. Tim
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November 2007

How do we Christian Youth Leaders, explain the events in Lancaster, Pennsylvania during the first week of October 2006 to our youth group members? Our youth want to know why God allows innocent people, particularly children, to suffer?
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