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June 11, 2007

Tim Ferguson
Larry Winkler, WOCA Radio, Ocala, Florida

Larry: "When I read this book. I realized this is really, really, well done. You can tell by his exuberance, his enthusiasm, that he has been a real blessing to the youth he has worked with for over thirty years... Tim, what does a young person get from a youth meeting?"

Tim: "We want to challenge them to move forward in their faith and to learn how to apply that faith."

Larry: Do you go on field trips ...

Tim: I mentioned the regular one that we do a couple of times a year, into New York City working with a soup kitchen ... we've gotten a name for ourselves: we committed ourselves to do a certain Saturday afternoon in (January) 2005 and committed about four months before, realizing it might be cold ... we did not know ... we'd be serving them in the middle of a blizzard and this is an outdoor soup kitchen and there literally were fifty people standing in line in the middle of that blizzard waiting for us.

Larry: Well, Tim ... did you ever have a "hard nut to crack"

Tim: Let me share a story that did happen ... a thirteen year old boy who refused to talk to anybody, social workers, teachers, anybody... His mother said, "Good luck to you" and we talked a little and (she said) he doesn't want to come out and talk... I said, "I'm going to talk to him anyhow". She said, "Go right in there that's his room.... his room was filled with garbage, two feet high, just junk, by garbage I mean litter,... beds, pillows, sheets, all over the place, papers, chairs upside down ... I saw a little movement underneath the garbage ... I came here to talk to you ... I know you don't want to talk to me, so let me just talk to you and I started telling him about the things I do with youth... I said,"I'll see you next week" ... I came back next week and he was sitting in the living room ready to talk to me.

Larry: Your book allows others to tap into your expeience ... it's almost like a recipe book...

Tim: You want to do something about sports... well I've got two or three places where I've done scriptural things about sports, forinstance, Jacob's wrestling match with God.You've got a bunch of kids that are into wrestling that's on t.v.; and say, "You know, that's not the first time we have wrestling; we have it in Genesis" and Jacob's wrestling match (with God) is both a physical and spiritual experience. It gives you a nice lead into things of faith.

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