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An Inocculation

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An Inoculation of Hope ... Give it a try after Easter. Why is it hard to find hope? Perhaps we need someone to inspire hope in us?

Pastor Jada Hodgson writes ... "Sometimes it seems different generations are from different worlds. If Tim and Mattpaul can speak with one another, perhaps we can speak and learn generation to generation... I am grateful for this book. It is a good story, well told and delightfully illustrated."

Pastor Dianne Dunne writes ... "The Chest Of Visions is an excellent tool to reach our youth today."

"it definitely made her think"

"I read this book with a thirteen year old girl and once we were finished I asked her how she felt about our experience. She said it definitely made her think about many things in her own life and in her walk with God."

Shirley Johnson, author/reviewer Sept. 19, 2012

No question ... Jesus Christ is our hope but a little inspiration from a messenger of hope can go a long way. A young man Alex, who has written on our blogs, stated at one time "I need an inoculation of hope. He then talks of how members of his youth group are praying for him. Where does he ultimately find his "inoculation of hope"? From reading the story of Mattpaul in "The Chest of Visions". Mattpaul - a young man, whose faith changes his world. Don't miss this opportunity to find an inoculation of hope for yourself.

The young man Mattpaul inspired hope in his world. His story will do the same for us.

The story is now expanded from Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston through Chest of Visions: New Pathways 'Cross Broken Highways.

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Trust and Prayer: A Christian youth lesson on prayer. An activity that encourages spoken prayer amidst youth and has been successful on several occasions with different youth programs.

Two activities from South Africa: The objective of this game is to build co-operation and confidence in the young people, while at the same time they discover their gifts and callings.
Christian Teens Candles of Prayer: One more verse of candles, then a repeat of the original first verse and the usually serene Presbyterians were clapping their hands and swaying back and forth.

Two Truths and a Lie: A Christian youth game: instruct each player to think of three statements about themselves. Two must be true statements, and one must be false.

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Youth Ministry Lesson about courage and faith

     What would happen if Jesus arrived today instead of...

Telling the Gospel Story as never been told before!

        The Chest of Visions

              Review dated February 2017 from Onlinebookclub

What would happen if Jesus arrived today instead of 2,000 years ago? Would you risk your reputation and give up what you had to follow Him? These are the questions The Chest of Visions by Tim Ferguson seeks to answer. Not only does the book tackle these difficult questions, it does so in a unique format - the book is written via a pen pal-like dialogue between a few youths.

Mattpaul is nearly done with school and already his future is set. His father is an assistant to the Ruler of Caperston and has a great, prestigious job for him once he graduates. However, one day he learns a man named Chihaysu is coming to speak nearby about someone named God. Intrigued, he and his friend Huchfee ditch class to go listen. In the meantime, Mattpaulcomes across a news report written by Tim on his compol (a device much like our computers) and writes to him, asking him about what the Bible, Christian youth and Jesus are. Tim is shocked when he discovers that Mattpaul's Caperston is in an alternate universe, one in which there never was a Jesus or Bible or even prophets. The two manage to communicate via a website Tim sets up, and Mattpaul tells his story via dated entries.

"It's interesting to see some of my favorite Biblical stories take on a new slant."

Chuhaysu's teachings often mirror those of Jesus, and it's interesting to see some of my favorite Biblical stories take on a new slant. One, for example, is about a man whose boat sinks. Forced to use a broken off piece to float, he can't do anything but wait to be saved. Two men pass by in powerboats, each giving excuses as to why they can't help him, before a third comes by in a paddle boat. He explains that he'll have to dump the fish he spent all day catching for his family, but that the fish are nowhere near as valuable as him. This is a great retelling of the Good Samaritan, and it leads to great discussion - what types of setbacks would you suffer if it meant helping someone? Returning home without dinner? Being late to work?

For the majority of the book Mattpaul writes and Tim replies. However, eventually a boy named Alex starts replying as well. Alex wishes he could be in Caperston and could speak to Chihaysu himself, and eventually has Mattpaul relay a question for him. Alex was part of a youth group and Kevin, another member, was killed while purchasing plates to help feed the homeless. He asks why God would allow such a faithful follower of Jesus die.

"if God is so powerful, why does he allow bad things to happen? I REALLY enjoyed how this answer was settled."
This brings up one of the biggest questions people have when it comes to religion - if God is so powerful, why does he allow bad things to happen? I REALLY enjoyed how this answer was settled, and it's great that Tim is able to fill the book with such great situations, questions and lessons.

As I read the story alone I often wondered if I would be brave enough to follow Chihaysu. There were also a few surprise twists that made me happy with the direction the book went. I'd absolutely recommend the book to any Christian, but especially to kids or those who lead youth groups.

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"Your book is a God-send!! You have laid out in an organized and easy-to-read fashion so many wonderful ideas and activity plans that we will never again feel uncomfortable when getting ready for our next Youth Group meeting. I am new to the role of Christian Youth Group leader and your book gives me confidence that we can indeed succeed with God's help".

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Bible Trivia Game

Split the group into two and have each individual write three Bible trivia questions, for which they know the answer, on three separate pieces of paper. Each person should place their name on the question. Place them in a basket or some other container.

Take turns with a member of one team pulling a question from the basket. If they answer the question correctly their team gets two points. If the question is answered incorrectly the other team gets a chance to answer the question. If they are successful, they get two points.

If the question is still not answered, the team that the initial person is on, gets a chance to answer the question. If they are correct their team gets one point.

  • The person who wrote down the question does not get an opportunity to answer the question.
  • If the person drawing the question, pulls out their own question, they are to return it to the basket and try a different question.
  • The leader of the group should listen carefully to questions and answers. Particularly if the group does not answer the question accurately, this may present an opportunity for discussion.

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    Jo writes, regarding Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings, "I think this book is really good and helpful. I first read the online version of the book because i did not want to pay for it. But after reading a couple of program ideas and having a very very successful youth program I totally HAD to get this book. It is well worth the money."

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    The gospel hymn asks the question ... were you there when they crucified my Lord?

    Of course we cannot be there but ... we can be at such a time and place with Mattpaul ...

    Youth searching for God

    The Searcher of God in Caperston

    What challenges did he face?

                                                        Meet his friend Michaeling ...

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    Hear what Mattpaul learns about the essence of God by clicking the story that is ... "Engaging, exciting, entertaining, and easy-to-read!"

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    The Chest of Visions, takes us to a parallel universe, similar yet different from our own world.

    Review of The Chest of Visions (January 2, 2013)by Melissa Jagel

    "Engaging, exciting, entertaining, and easy-to-read! Ferguson's super-cool little book, "The Chest of Visions," brilliantly captures the essence of the Gospel message and shares it with fresh, fast-moving, suspense-filled 21st century appeal. Youth ministry program tool Ferguson's journal-entry style book chronicles the intriguing pen-pal relationship between two youths from different universes with such charm and personal is the best creative tool for formation and evangelization I've read in years! I'd love to put "The Chest of Visions" in the hands of every youth and young adult leader in the country!"

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    Come try our ... The Lifeboat Game.


    Your site is excellent. So much good resources and ideas. I am involved in a Christian Youth Work which is about to become much better from visiting the site.

    I used the lifeboat game at our Bible Club. Ages 11 to 14. Almost all had themselves at the top of the list. Later spoke about the Cross of Jesus and how he could've been selfish and saved himself but instead he chose to save others. Luke 23v33-34. What THEY did and What (T)HE(Y) did. They did terrible things but He prayed, "Father forgive them". The cross is all about forgiveness. Then told the story of the Duck and the Devil (forgiveness).

    At the important parts of the lesson they gave really good attention and by all accounts understood the Gospel. This week was a fun night so totally relaxed and some good competitive games.

    Because of Jesus, thank you ... Mark Mair, United Kingdom

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    Duck and the Devil

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