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Kelly Marsh, Deer Park, NY, USA

Kelly has been a member of the Christians Under the Stairs Youth Group for the past six years. She can be seen in the picture at the right in the center singing "Mary Did You Know?" at our Christmas Show in December 2007 with friends, Ariel Durgano and Amanda Bolina.

Kelly has served as an elected leader of the youth group this past year and took the lead in arranging the decoration of the Social Hall at the church for the Fifties Night held on May 31, 2008. Kelly has also taught Sunday School for the past three years since her confirmation in June 2005.

Kelly gets this special recognition for not only the above but for the work she has done reaching out to the people of El Salvador. She has made several trips to the country, some to deliver medical supplies and others to reach out to the young people of the country. This year plans were being made to transport a group of Salvadoran young people to the United States for the purpose of performing a joint dramatic program with young people from the United States. The event was in great jeopardy due to the rising cost of airfare and it did not appear that the needed funds could be raised. Amidst all of her other duties for the church and the youth group, Kelly found time to raise approximately $1,500.00 to bridge the funding gap to make this trip possible.

She did all these things while applying for college and completing her senior year in high school. She truly deserves to be inducted into the Christian Youth Hall of Honor.

Editor's Note:
If you would like to nominate a youth from your youth group or would like to correspond with Kelly, please write to Kelly will be notified. She looks forward to hearing from you.

We have heard from Godfrey Mawa of the Commission International Mission Center, Uganda, E. Africa, who writes:
Kelly's a brave leader. God bless her. These experiences are inspiring to the youths and help train them into responsible leaders and citizens.

We have also heard from Michelle Turk of Long Island, New York, who writes ...
Kelly and I didn't really start to get close until we both traveled on mission to El Salvador in July 2007 but I am glad that after 2 years of knowing her we got to become such close friends. She is one of the funniest girls I know, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a wish in your heart to help her in her aspirations to make the world a better place. She blesses every life she touches in ways big and small and I admire her perseverance and strength in her spirit. I hope that the people whose lives she touches, whether at home in the United States or in El Salvador, are always brightened a little more because she is a part of it.

Ujaye Zeogar, Monrovia, Liberia

Ujaye is a fifteen year old, young lady, presently in the ninth grade. There was never a time people did not see Ujaye sitting with her note books and text books reading. Then she was always found talking out to her friends (both males and females) about why it is good not to fight, but to talk.

As beautiful as she looks - so are her virtues in good perspectives. Academically, morally, and most importantly spiritually, Ujaye is living a life to an extent that others, especially I, do appreciate God for. This lady lives in a community outside of Monrovia, Liberia. She lives with her "mother", a woman who serves Ujaye as a mother - since her mother disappeared during the civil war in Liberia.

Ujaye, like any other teenager, plays, chats, is with errors, and posseses the attributes of human. The most significance of her life is: she gets up when she had fallen. This last part of the above statements of Ujaye makes me believe in her. In her eyes you will see the aspiration of making the life she lives meaningful and worth while. In doing so, she tends to her make the world a better place for mankind. She is indeed a social being and a promising leader, in this our old gray world. It was a blessing coming across this special, God-created young woman.

Submitted by youth leader, Horatius Nallo, of Liberia.

Editor's Note:
Thank you, Horatio for your most worthy nomination and thank you, Ujaye, for being the special Christian teenager that you are. The world needs promising new leaders, like yourself, to overcome this "gray world" with the love of Christ Jesus as we open our hearts to the guidings of His spirit.

If you would like to nominate a youth from your youth group or would like to correspond with Ujaye, please write to Ujaye will be notified and she looks forward to hearing from you.

Read about her nominator, Horatio, by clicking on the following: Horatio Nallo

Teddy Bialle, Monica Apoo and Michael T of Uganda

There's bloodshed, terror and anguish. No one knows if they will live the next moment. No one is certain of a meal or warm clothing; any minute, a child may be abducted, raped and the elderly hacked to death by the rebel groups laying in wait for their next victims!

For two decades, such has been the predicament of the people of Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. These people know no love, peace or hope. All they have lived is suffering and pain and are filled with bitterness and vengeance. But, they need to know of the love of God and taste it. They need to hear that there is hope. They need to be embraced and loved.

In March 2008, we decided to go for mission work in Amuru IDP Camp. To share the love of Christ, Monica Apoo, Teddy Byaale and Michael Tomusange braved through all these barriers and fears, investing their lives to reach the lost and hurting in this land. Later, a team of over 130 missionaries followed their brave move.

We carried out evangelistic rallies; distributed donations of food and clothing to over 40.000 people and also involved them in both women and men's football matches, athletics and a marathon race of 14km. During the distribution of donations, the people became extremely hostile because it was difficult for everyone to receive a gift due to some shortages. In an unsafe strange place among bitter, hostile and a revengeful, we simply had to trust God.

Despite all, we were filled with joy for being able to do this great work yet at the same time; the terror and fear of death engulfed us. It was extremely life threatening and took a lot of sacrifice. The passion to share Christ's love regardless of the circumstances carried us through.

After this experience, we now know that it's possible to take the gospel of Christ to most dangerous regions of the world. Taking the love of Christ to the lost and hurting is the greatest work we could ever do.

For their dedication, commitment and bravery, I nominate Teddy Bialle, Monica Apoo and Michael Tomusange to the Christian Teen Hall of Honor.

To God be the glory!                                                                                                                                                      Teddy Bialle

Godfrey Mawa, Director, Commission International (

Thank you Godfrey for your worthy nomination of these three young people. What a mission they took on! As you said - To God be the Glory.

We have gotten to know Teddy well with her many contributions to this website and thank Monica and Michael also for their contributions. We look forward to continued meaningful correspondence.

We have heard from Yanique Campbell of Long Island, New York, who writes ...

How do you do the work of the Lord? What keeps you doing it when, at least for some of you, there are risks? It is so nice knowing that there are other young people like us in Africa and other parts of the world and I hope you all keep your efforts up. Whenever you are in doubt remember - the answer is "love" Stay strong in the Lord. Your new friend,

Yanique, 16, C. Islip, N.Y."

If you would like to nominate a youth from your youth group or would like to correspond with Teddy, Monica or Michael, please write to The yopung people will be notified and they look forward to hearing from you.

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