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Nauman Ashwell. of Pakistan

I am a 24 year old Christian and from Pakistan. I have been working with young people for eight years and I want to get more knowledge and new experience of life. My youth group’s name is St. Luke’s youth group. We are holding the programs on Easter and Christmas and also we are working with youth especially topics about their health, sports and education.

What I like most to do is to work with young people and motivate them to get the love of Jesus. After that you can achieve everything. This year we decided to decorate the church on Christmas and Easter. In addition we organize the seminar's on education, leadership, and culture. We also work on the sports which is our main goal to concentrate on with the youth most. And especially we did a huge work on earthquake.. and I am personally working to volunteer with the NGO's. and to the surviving poor and disturbed people.

I want to join you and get some more knowledge to assist me in helping the youth. This is my first priority to working with you.

Thank you

God Bless You

I am glad that you wrote to us. This website has many activity ideas that you can do with your young people as does the book, “Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings”. There is no formal membership but we encourage youth leaders to not only take ideas for their programs but to share events that have been successful. You say that you have meetings on Christmas and Easter. There are several skits for both holidays in the book, which may be of assistance to you. I would encourage you to also meet with the young people on a regular basis to do some of the activities offered on this website and in the book. There are lots of ideas to keep you busy and regular meetings will build up trusting, supportive relationships so important, particularly amongst Christians in your country. I am glad that I can be of assistance.

I will share your contact information, as you requested, below:

My postal address: pd#06 Christian colony Naziabad, Pindora, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

My e-mail addresses are: or

My phone number is: 92-051-0344-5175706

If you are interested in corresponding with Nauman,pleas e contact her at the above address.

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