Youth ministry programs

Thank God for this ministry

Hello dear brother. i was waiting for your reply, ( did not got the first mail ) Well, the situation is this: I together with my wife live in a village called Gorre, in the district of Lushnje, 2 hour by car far fromn Toirana , the capital. We have been studying in Gjirokaster, And serving The lord with students meetings, and student reaching students with the gospel. We saw Great miracles from God there. Praise be to him. Now we are back Here in Gorre, and want to do the same thing with students here of the high school, and with other yang people that have left school for different reasons. God has placed in our hearts a great desire to serve with youth here in Gorre. mmm.... i also created a free web site for gorre, but i haven't updated it recently here it is for a couple of pictures. and We are in the stage of pioneering, and trying set thing up . so pray for us. pray that the will of god be done here, as it is in heaven.

In Him Ermali
Gorre, Albania

Editor's Note: Thank you for sharing with us, Ermali. I am looking forward to hearing of the results of your efforts and we all will keep you in our prayers.

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