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Testimonials of Adult Christian Youth Leaders

For Christian youth group workers, please share your Christian youth group ideas andany Christian youth resources you may know of. What does working with Christian teens means to you. Perhaps the following questions will be of assistance in preparing your statement.

  • What have we learned from our youth members?
  • How has our Christian faith been transformed by our Christian youth retreats and programs?
  • What do we enjoy most about the Christian youth events we have used to lead our Christian teens?

If you wish to be identified, please share at a minimum your first name and the state/country where you reside.

Please share what your youth have to say by emailing

"If you wish to reply to any of our fellow youth leaders please write to; or feel free to visit our guest book and leave feedback."


Sounds of Hope These are some of the proven effective activities that keep our children and youth together while serving the Lord diligently.

Meet Mattpaul and his friends from Caperston by clicking:

Philippino Fun, Faith and Friends :So we devised a program in which we can go reach out other youth through an evangelistic activity: Jessie Alvarado ... Now I am leading the young people of the church and we started youth fellowship every Sunday afternoon. And I am thankful that I am able to apply the suggestions from this website on our fellowship. Jayson

Nauman of Rawapindi, Pakistan: What I like most to do is to work with young people and motivate them to get the love of Jesus. After that you can achieve everything.

Ermali of Gorre, Albania: And serving The lord with students meetings, and student reaching students with the gospel. We saw Great miracles from God there.

Jennifer Flores of New Jersey, USA: I was born in Argentina and came to the US when I was 7 yrs old.

Robin Daud of Rawalpindi, Pakistan: So many young people are joining us these days which is a good sign for our physical growth of organization.

Joan Gleason of Thousand Islands, N.Y.: Our youth group members are a mix of children from military families and those born and raised here.
Pastor P.Prasanna Jeevan Babu of India: our Ministry in India, where we working among the poor and suffering, persecuted and among different type of victim people, who needs Jesus’s love and gospel
Allen Cox of United States:The youth ministry at LRM, on our Chosen Remnant website, is not only for the youth, it is by the youth!
Robin Daud of Pakistan: One day,The Lord spoke to me and said I "Rise as I am to take a tough assignment from you that is rehabilitation and serving to deprived young Christian People
Shelley Carson of Iowa: we are gearing up for our 4th 30 Hour Famine event and ...
Muquaddar Johnson of Youth for Christ, Pakistan: it was diagnosed that parents of the youth want to educate their children in Christ...
Kate: Do you have any ideas on making Sunday classes...interesting, fun, and exciting?
Tamatha Carlton, "Living Waters": Hello I just have a few questions about starting the youth group...
Vickie Buchanan of Tennessee: The area is coal mining, and very poor. And now to have a place to use for year round missions, is definitely God at work.
Jean Manzi Victor of Rwanda: I wish to build a Christian youth center because in the holiday's school, many parents need a secure area where they can leave their kids
Boyd Diaz of Texas: They loved it at the end when we lit the candles and began to pray.
Ana of Fiji: I am just recently elected as an assistant youth leader in my church in Fiji ...
Stephanie Balboni of Long Island Youth for Christ (New York): One of the things I love about working with teens is being able to give them an opportunity to be kids and be comfortable with who they are.
Pastor Anandbabu Ravuri, of Christian Living Ministries, India: And ... with their valuable and thought provoking preachings, so many youngsters have been turned towards the Lord.
Jullian Victor of Malaysia: Our Youth Leader himself is a testimony. He was a Muslim, lost and confused.
Godfrey Mawa, Director of , Commission International Ministries, Uganda, East Africa: God miraculously saved my life from one of the most fatal accidents in the history of Uganda where about 60 died and I walked out alive. God is great.
Frank Tangredi of New York: How did it happen? How did a middle-aged man with no kids of his own end up taking on a semi-leadership position with a church youth group?
Ulysses of the Philippines: The place is mountainous and it has falls with monkeys on the trees. Well, the place was quite fitting for the event.

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