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Movie Review: Pray

Video Release: 3/24/2008 Content Description:
Reviewer: Candice Moore Sex: Teen girl kisses her boyfriend on cheek.
Source: Video Language: None although a girl calls her boyfriend a "jerk."
Company: Cross Shadow Productions Violence: Girl elbows guy after he sneaks up on her, girl hits her attacker in the face to get away.
Writer: Matt Mitchell Drugs: None
Director: Matt Mitchell Nudity: None
Producer: Tiaan Kruger Other: Abduction; teenage themes: dieting, relationships
Genre: Suspense
Runtime: 72 min.
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Audrey Battah, Bonnie Johnson, Chris Houldsworth, Lea Bonne, Jack Boston, Dave Ferrise, Josh Smith, Delvin Brooks

Synopsis: High School friends Madison and Lacy enjoy an out-of-town Christian Rock Concert. After some eerie events at their hotel, the friends abandon their night of rest and decide to drive through the night back to their hometown several hours away. However, someone or something follows them home!

Dove Worldview: As a Christian "thriller" type film, this movie would serve as a great film for junior high/high school youth groups. The movie has normal teenage themes while keeping up with the thriller aspect throughout the entire film. This is not recommended to younger children due to the "scary" feel of the movie and its slant toward teens. In the beginning of the film, it indicates that the movie itself is based on actual events, so this could be used as an educational movie to show teens the importance of praying; and that sometimes, God will be the only one you have to talk to, and God wants you to ask Him for help. The Dove Foundation happily awards the Dove Seal.

Editor's note: click here for a Bible study that accompanies the film

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