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Senior's Night

Here is a simple idea to honor youth who are graduating and who have been regularly active in the youth program. We in Deer Park, did this for several youth who had been regularly attending meetings for six years.

First we researched scripture to find a Bible verse that fit their unique contribution to the church and to the youth group. For example one young lady who always shared her joy through singing received a plaque reading "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord; serve the Lord with gladness, come before His presence with singing ... Psalms 100".

In addition we made up a Memories "Mad Lib ". It had several entries. A questionnaire was given to our youth members, which they filled out for each senior. The questions were multiple choice in nature so that we could easily determine which was the consensus choice answer of the group.

Below are four of ten prepared questions which youth members completed. It is followed by a portion of the "Mad Lib" template to demonstrate how the consensus answers to the questions were used to create both a humorous and serious statement about our graduate. It was lots of fun.

Question one: When looking back over the years, Allison most fondly remembers:

  • Sitting on the couch with legs interlocked with her three "best" girl friends
  • Knocking her "bestest" girl friend off the last chair available in musical chairs.
  • Playing cards with Mary and Vito.
  • Declaring that she will win the Olympics limbo contest sometime before becoming a senior.
  • Question two: If I can describe Allison in one phrase it would be:

  • Nutty
  • Extra nutty
  • Sweet and kind
  • Intellectual
  • Question three: During announcements Allison is most likely to:

  • Listen attentively, taking notes.
  • Be talking on the cell phone, trying to hide it so youth leaders will not see it.
  • Get up for a snack right in the middle of the most important announcement even though it is not snack time
  • Be sleeping
  • Question Four: Matters of faith are important to Allison and she demonstrates her faith by:

  • Showing love and concern for everyone in youth group.
  • Being actively involved during candle-lit prayer services.
  • Being available to help whenever there is a need for assistance.
  • Being willing to sing or speak about faith during our youth program Pick one or two answers if two apply.
  • Mad Lib Template: What a Guy/Gal!

    Allison has been a member of the youth group for four years. During those years she began distinguishing herself by ________________________________________________________________ (consensus answer to question one)

    Allison is a complex person as most seniors are. But she can be best described in simple terms as being _________________. (consensus answer to question two) In addition during announcements Allison is known to ___________________________________________________.(consensus answer to question three).

    Matters of faith are important to Allison. She demonstrates her faith by __________________ and ____________________. [consensus answer(s) to question four.]

    Our mad lib was much longer than this, including ten not four questions. When youth group members completed their questionnaires, youth leaders tallied them to create the "What A Guy/Gal!" statements, which were read to the group. After the activity was completed, we ended the evening by awarding the Bible verse plaques, earlier mentioned These two activities left our youth with a memorable send-off to college.

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