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The Treasure Chest

Christian youth find vision in examining their treasures

If we wish the matters of faith to be clear to our young people, we can present them in 3-D format to them. In this activity, we made an actual 3-D treasure chest and asked youth to bring in items that were meaningful to them, that were their treasures. These were left them in the treasure chest for the evening's activity. Electronic devices were often given but more imaginative ones were a picture of one's family, a dog tag and a letter from a friend. We read and discussed Matthew 6: 19-21 then went to our treasure chest and asked youth why they put in what they did. A discussion followed as to the importance of these "treasures" and a comparison to other important things in life. At the end of the meeting they took their treasures home.

I was not sure upon the impact of the activity that night until months later. I was home recovering from cancer surgery when a group of youth came to visit me. The had prepared a book filled with pictures and well wishes and decided there was only one way to present it to me - in the treasure chest I had built for them several months before. Yes, without question, 3-D Activities are remembered and have an impact on youth. Just like the 3-D dream I had a few days ago has had an impact upon me.

This entire treasure chest activity is found in Chapter 24 of the book "Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings" .

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