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Jerusalem Gazette

Reporter: Hello, my name is Tomas. Some people call me the doubter and I work for the Jerusalem Gazette. I am presently investigating an event which is rumored to have taken place earlier today. Sir, what did you see this morning?

Observer one: There were these three women who seemed very excited. They were walking quickly passed my house from the north. They were talking all the time while they walked, all three at the same time. It was very early in the day, a short time after the sun rose.

Reporter: What were they saying?

Observer one: It was not clear but I did hear someone say they had to tell someone named Peter. Another person said she will tell John what they saw.

Reporter: What did they see?

Observer one: I heard them say that the man Jesus is alive. Of course, that is not possible; we all saw him crucified but that is what they were saying.

Reporter: Do you know the names of these women?

Observer one: I am sorry. I do not know their names but I did see two of them at the crucifixion on Friday. They were with the woman, who was weeping and who some say was the mother of the man Jesus.

Reporter: Thank you, sir (turns to another bystander). What can you tell me about the events of this morning?

Observer two: I was outside, tending my garden, about an hour after sunrise. I saw two men running up the hill to the north., the hill over there.

Reporter: Who were these men?

Observer two: I don't know their names but I do remember when the man Jesus came down that hill into Jerusalem a week ago, I went to the road to see him. He was on a donkey and these two men were with him, one on each side of him.

Reporter: Thank you, sir. Is there anything else you wish to share?

Observer two: No, there is nothing else to say.

Reporter: Miss: were you one of the ladies who went to the tomb?

Observer three: No, I was not there. But my younger cousin was there. I spoke to her later in the day. She told me that she had gone to the tomb of Jesus to wash his body. She and her friends were not sure how they would wash his body as there was a large rock in front of the entrance to the tomb.

Reporter: Then what happened?

christian teens resurrection skit

Observer three: When they arrived, they were surprised to see that the tomb was open. They cautiously approached and were afraid they might find robbers inside.

Reporter: Did they?

Observer three: No. It was a small tomb. They looked inside but did not enter. They saw clothes, lying on a stone slab but no body. One of my cousin's friends, Mary began to cry. A man appeared to comfort her. He asked, "Why are you crying?" She replied that someone had taken Jesus away and they had no idea where he was. She asked the man if he knew. The man called her name and, after a brief moment, she realized that it was Jesus, himself, who was talking to her. According to my cousin and her friend, Jesus is alive. They have seen him and talked to him. I believe with all of my heart that they are telling the truth.

Reporter: Thank you for your openness. There we have it, friends. Three observers sharing facts as they have observed them.Facts that indicate the holy man, Jesus, has done what no one could have anticipated. He died and now he lives. I leave you now to search for the man, Jesus, yourself.

All: We all need to take time to search for Jesus. We need to open our hearts when we find him. Unless we open our hearts the resurrection is simply a nice story.

Leader: But if it is not just a story, what is it? If the resurrection is true, what does it mean - for you and for me?

First it means that things which seemed impossible, may indeed be possible and there is more to this world than our limited knowledge recognizes.

Secondly, it means there is a renewal hope for everyone - the rich, the poor, the healthy and the sick, something particularly needed today If God can raise Jesus, then he can do the same for each of us.

Lastly, it means there is a God, who cares for us and looks after us. However, if there is no resurrection, then there is little certainty that there is a God and no assurance of a life after death. There is just a here and now. Each of us needs to decide. Our decision may change our life.

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