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Christian Youth Games: Bombs Away

This is a game we used in conjunction with the event 'Trust and Prayer' described above under the category 'Activities that teach'. It is listed here as it can be used simply as an activity for fun apart from the more serious event or as part of the above activity.

Find a space in your youth area about four feet wide by twenty feet long. Use some tape to mark this game area out clearly. Take six or seven pieces of construction paper and randomly place them in the area that's been marked off.

Break your group into two teams. Each team is to pick a 'guide' who will direct teammates down the four foot by twenty foot corridor while they are blindfolded. Blindfolded youth must walk from one end of the corridor to the other end without touching the tape boundaries or any of the bombs (pieces of construction paper). Use a stop watch to record the duration of each youth's effort.

When a youth steps on a bomb or on or past a tape boundary, hit a pot with a spoon or make some such loud noise simulating a bomb going off. Record the number of times errors are made.

Total the times needed for each team to walk the maze and add ten seconds for each time a bomb goes off. After each youth attempts to traverse the maze, change the locations of the construction paper so that no one can memorize the locations of the bombs. The total team time plus the penalty seconds will determine the winning team. See the activity entitled 'Trust and Prayer' for discussion ideas regarding this activity.

Whether you use this activity on its own or with Trust and Prayer, we would love to hear if this activity was useful to your group. Please share your experience by writing to:

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