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Human Knot

The Human Knot is a wonderful game that gets the youth to trust and work with each other. I haven't personally used it with my youth as I have just begun to teach the group. I have done it with my team adviser at school.

You have each person get in a circle and hold hands with someone, who is not on either side of them, and you cannot hold the same person's hand. Then the youth try to untangle themselves (without releasing hands) and get back into the circle. Thisgame takes room but no supplies and makes the youth work together.

Submitted by Jessica Keener, 17 year old youth leader, from Urbana, Missouri

Jesica would love to hear if this activity was useful to your group. She is also looking for other icebreakers to use for her youth group. Please share your ideas by writing to: Tim Ferguson @

" The ideas here work. I know that because I've seen them work. Every one has been teen-tested."...Frank Tangredi, youth leader, New York

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