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Activities submitted by Nimisha Deleces of India.

Human Machine

Break your group into groups of no smaller than five and no bigger than ten. Each person of the group must become one of the following body parts ... eye(s), ear(s), mouth, brain, leg(s), arm(s), hand(s), etc. You can add or take away body parts, depending on the size of the group.

Instruct each group to perform a simple task, with each body part performing only its function. Here is a simple task. Place a Bible across the room and have each human machine attempt to "walk" over to the Bible, find Romans 12: 4-6 and read it out loud. Remind your machines that each body part can only provide its function. For example, the legs cannot go to the Bible until the eye tells the brain where they are and the brain tells the legs how many steps to take and in which direction. This works great to show how each member of the church or youth group is important and that we must work together as part of Chris's body.

Bible Survivor

This game is a spinoff on the popular television series. Divide your youth group into two teams. Use Bible Trivia questions and quiz the teams. When a member of a team gets the question wrong, he is eliminated from the team. Also incorporate fun Bible challenges, such as eating manna (manna could be Italian bread pieces - see which team can eat the most to win). Use your imagination. Kids will have a blast with this game.

Bible Charades

This is an oldie but goodie. Have the teens break up into teams. The number and size of the teams will depend on your youth group. Then take turns acting out different Bible stories while the other teams guess what story the group is acting out.

Sword Drills

See which youth can find a Bible passage first. Have them read it. Pick passages that relate to one another, then discuss.

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