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Christian Youth Group Activities: International Bible Treasure Hunt

So how do we get Christian youth from Pakistan, the Philippines, Uganda and the United States together? At the cost of air fare nowadays we have had to decline the offer from Ulysses of the Philippines to join them, in their camp program. But there is another way: an International Bible Treasure Hunt.

Think of a cross between a Bible Trivia Contest and an episode of Indiana Jones searching for some missing archaeological treasure from the past. In January 2009 youth groups will take an evening to search through their Bibles, as a group, to find ten distinct Biblical Treasures - and where they have been hidden.

Word puzzles, simulated journeys through Biblical lands, collections of Bible verses, numerical/ logical reasoning calculations will be used to give clues to these treasures and their location. The treasure hunt is being developed by Tim Ferguson and youth groups are encouraged to sign up for this event. Currently three youth groups have signed up and we will be limiting the number of groups participating to ten on this first trial event.

It will be held during a week in January during which the Treasure Hunt will be released on this website. Each group will pick an afternoon or evening to work on the hunt. There will be a maximum period of time to complete the Hunt - probably one and a half to two hours. More detailed rules will follow.

Bibles, concordances, encyclopedias, Bible maps anything may be used but youth leaders, coordinating the event, cannot participate, except to gather the answers given and submit them to this website a week later. Upon grading the responses, recognition awards to the first, second and third place youth groups will be given. Each group will be asked to share, in a brief statement, what they learned during the event and what part of the event was most enjoyable. There will be no charge or fee required to enter the Treasure Hunt. As of December 15, 2008 applications for the January 2009 Treasure Hunt are closed. However, since interest continues to be expressed, we will have another International Bible Treasure Hunt in the Spring of 2009 - probably in April for those who missed out on the first hunt.

More details will be offered as the Treasure Hunt is developed. Please e-mail to ask further questions, give suggestions and sign up.

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