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Praise the Lord! Nice to hear from you again and delightful to see how God used you all during the mission trip! Things here have been alright. And during Youth service, we twice watched movies in the church as an activity. I STRONGLY suggest you try to get this movies and watch it as they were really beautiful and faith-lifting and encouraging.

The first we watched was 'Facing the Giant'. Its about how a man transformed a bunch of no-hopers (his baseball team) into a giant-killing team through Christ, and in the process, making the team more faithful and believing too, having prayers and praise with them.

The second, which reminded me of your mission trip, was 'The Other Side of Heaven'. About a New Zealander sent to an African country for mission work for 2 1/2 years! But it was a very beautiful movie as well! I strongly recommend these, if you haven't watched already! :)

Well God bless you and your ministry and hope to hear from you again! :)

Victor ... thank you for the suggestion. We are going to look up those movies and have a movie night in Deer Park, NY and take time to recognize that Christian friends in Malaysia have been watching the same movies. Thanks. Tim

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