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Christian Icebreaker Activity: Ha Ha

"Ha ha" game. Youth stand in a circle. One youth is designated to begin. He or she turns to the next youth and states "ha" while staring into their eyes. There are no restrictions as to how to say "ha". It can be stated loudly, softly, drawn out, sung, anyway the speaker feels he can induce laughter in the listener. If the speaker or the listener laughs (even a little giggle), he or she is out. The recipient then turns to the next youth and states/sings "ha ha". The game continues to "ha ha ha", "ha ha ha ha" and finally "ha ha ha ha ha", before going backwards - four "ha's" - three "ha's" and the like.

Continue around the circle until all but one person is left who, then, can be crowned "stone faced champion". The game is equally fun for those who have gone out as they watch their friends try to induce laughter in others. "Ha ha" is a good game to get everyone engaged and often can set the tone for active discussion afterwards.

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