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Christian Icebreaker Activity: Cross the Line

Cross the Line. This is a simple game that should lead to lots of sharing amongst the youth members. Line the youth up in a straight line. Draw a line, place a string on the ground for a line or ask the youth to imagine a line. Then ask a series of questions with the following as examples:

How many of you slept in a tent the past year?

How many of you have gone to a circus?

How many of you play a musical instrument?

How many of you went out of state for a vacation this past summer?

Who saw a good movie last summer?

Who can warn us of a bad movie, to be avoided, that you saw in the past year?

Who has a favorite Bible verse to be shared?

After asking the questions, ask those who answer affirmatively to step across the designated line. If several step across (the youth leader should decide how many is several), have all the youth sit in a circle and have the youth share their experience. Once everyone shares their experience, it is time to get back on the line for another question.

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