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Youth leaders comments:

Christian teens discussions: Methodist youth,  compete in the International Bible Treasure Hunt "I want to thank you for your time and effort creating this Treasure Hunt. My group had a wonderful time and they seem to have learned a lot. Overall things worked really well. We have learned that growing in faith can be difficult but we need to keep working at it. By doing this Treasure Hunt we learned that we can work well together." Kelsey Anderson, First Baptist Church.

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"I was very, very proud of the young people. I wasn't sure how seriously they would take this but once the Treasure Hunt started they worked very hard at it." Frank Tangredi, Community Presbyterian Church.

International Bible Treasure Hunt

Mr. Ferguson:

Christian youth ministry goes international as Horatius leads the Liberian youth

Shalom! I have this testimony to share: I found out that the youth around me - in my department (The Living Bread Ministries) are around me more frequent now than it was before the Treasure Hunt.

I must admit that the Treasure Hunt was a success, the prevailing situations are saying it. There is a revival in our lives. Thank Jesus Christ.

And, thank you. Please continue your works. It is also my suggestion that we (all the youth group involved in the first treasure hunt) stick together.

Godly Shalom.


Horatius Nallo, The Living Bread Ministries, Liberia

Bible lessons for teenagers

Project One: what can youth do for the church, the community and the country?

Idaho youth: we should share our faith with our friends, reach out to those who are neglected and pray for those who are lost. Prayers should also be given for our pastor, our president and those in the military.

West Virginia Youth: We need to help someone in need; treat others the way we want to be treated; invite our friends to come to youth group and church and to put forth our best effort, which is what Jesus would do if he was doing what we are doing.

Liberia Youth: we would make known to those who are lost the love of Jesus Christ and to share God's purpose for our lives. Secondly, we would educate the community youth about moral and spiritual discipline.

Nebraska youth: we need to be spiritual; and show our pride as being a member of our church. We need to volunteer in the community, for example, by helping at a local food pantry.

New York Youth: we need to spread the Word of God by participating in worship services and by bringing our friends to youth group. We need to demonstrate our love for God by loving our neighbors. One way we do this is by working at the Hope for the Future soup kitchen in New York City.

Iowa Treasure Hunters No gold but Bible Treasures in Idaho
Iowa Baptist youth group tie with those Presbyterians from Deer Park for first place Christian youth games take the form, of a Treasure Hunt competition

Sign up for the International Bible Treasure Hunt today by e-mailing Join youth from around the world in the International Bible Treasure Hunt.

Upstate New York Treasure Crew Young Friends from Minnesota at Work
Christian youth from upstate New York brave winter cold to find Bible treasures  So you guys think it is cold in New York? Come visit us in mid January in St. Paul and you will experience COLD

Project Two: Music that Moves Us.

Iowa youth, First Baptist Church... "Lord I Lift Your Name on High". We chose this song as it teaches us to put God ahead of everything and to compromise/sacrifice things that we love so that our love for God will come first.

New York Youth, Community Presbyterian Church ... "Amazing Grace". This song has lyrics that we feel give people, who are lost, faith. It calms our hearts and delivers hope to people.

New York Group Two, Theresa Presbyterian Church... "You Are My All In All" by Dennis Jernigan...."you are the strength when I am weak; you are the treasure that I seek"....It reminds us that God is always there and that he is always in control.

Nebraska youth, Messiah Lutheran Church ... "This Little Light of Mine". This was our choice because it shows our faith and the fact that we are not afraid to share it.

West Virginia Youth,... "Lord I give you my heart ... I give you my soul ... Lord have your way with me.".Krystal of the Panther Missionary Bible Church writes, "I love this song because every night I try to do what the song says and give my heart and soul to the Lord."

Liberia youth,The Living Bread Ministries ... "Jehovah Reigns" Our group believes that the creator God reigns over everything - both the negative things (pain, sickness, poverty, unhappiness and death) and the good (health, joy and riches). He also reigns as well over the universe at large.

New York Methodist youth,... On the question about the hymn or song the answer is Ode to Joy - "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee". The words make you feel good and the tune can be played on different insturments. Sometimes we hum it when we're happy. For words, some of us think "Jesus Loves Me" is best because it always reminds us we're loved.

St. Paul Lutheran Youth, ... "Jesus loves me, I love Jesus" was chosen because it shows that He loves you. It would change a life if someone is sick and doubting that no one loves them. The song shows that they are loved.

Bible Treasures in Nebraska No coal here just West Viginia Bible Discoveries
The Lutherans from Nebraska are one point out of first. See below for final standings of the first round of the International Bible Treasure Hunt  Glad you found Bible Treasures but those Christian youth in Minnesota and New York could use some good old, West Virginia coal

What did the youth have to say about what they learned?

About themselves:

  •         We learned to have courage, faith and responsibility, to believe in ourselves that we can do something and that our belief in Jesus makes us better and more productive people. (West Virginia youth).

  • .         The group learned that we Christians are on a journey. We are missionaries with a mandate sent from God to those who need to hear and know about Him. We learned that sacrifices must be made even in worse situation and we learned ENTHUSIASM - WITH THIS IN MIND, GOD'S WORK WILL NEVER BE BOREDOM (HARD). Success is sure for all those serving Him. That is guaranteed. (Liberia Youth).

  •         We learned that, if we focus on the Christian Youth Promise, it will help us maintain our faith and do what is right. We also learned that there are many ways we should share God's love with others.(Nebraska youth).

  •         We wish to commit ourselves to outreach in our community, looking out for both the elderly and our youth. (Upstate New York youth)

  • About God:

  •         Two groups mentioned finding the fifth dimension discussion meaningful and how it helped them understand the communication with God through prayer in a different way.

  •         We learned that God speaks to us in many ways. (Deer Park youth)

  •         That we can best learn about God and his promises by taking more time to study the Bible. (West Virginia youth)
  •         Click to see what else Deer Park Youth learned: Walking

  • Deer Park, New York Youth Nebraska youth at work
    Christian teens discussions     ; what was the distance from Jerusalem to the Sea of Galilee? Teen discussion questions: number ten is a favorite?

    Want to Join the International Bible Treasure Hunt?

    For those groups, who did not respond to our first invitation to sign up, now is the time ... join this world wide event by e-mailing me at and register for the Bible Treasure Hunt.

    Survey results:

    On a scale of one to one with one being the lowest score and ten the highest, please answer the following (average of responses given):

  • Did you enjoy the event? 8.03 out of possible 10.0
  • Did you learn a lot about Jesus' life and his teachings or not very much? 7.02 out of 10.0
  • Did you learn a lot about your personal faith? 7.64 out of 10.0

  • Final Scores Scoring was based on giving marks on six categories: They were:
  • The Twelve Treasures - no teams got all twelve. Two teams got eleven of the twelve.
  • The Two Puzzles
  • The Two Projects
  • The Map and calculation to visit all stops.
  • The Christian Youth Promise
  • Two bonuses ... the significance of the special number and for completing the survey.
  • So here are the actual scores for the January 2009 International Bible Treasure Hunt:

    Iowa (First Baptist Church) - 97.0 points

    New York (Community Presbyterian Church of Deer Park) - 97.0 points

    Nebraska (Messiah Lutheran Church) - 96.0 points

    Minnesota ( Eastern Heights Lutheran) - 94.0 points

    New York (Theresa Presbyterian Church) - 92.5 points

    Idaho (Hillcrest Trinity Assembly) - 89.5 points

    Liberia (The Living Bread Ministries ) - 84.5 points

    New York (Commack United Methodist) - 79.5 points

    West Virginia (Panther Missionary Bible Church) - 71.0 points

    Thank you all for competing. Our youth in Deer Park had a great time and, as Horatius said above, maybe the youth would like to keep in touch. If you are interested, e-mail me at Everyone of you said you would like to do another Treasure Hunt, new questions, new treasures and, if I heard right,"NO Math!". It is a lot of work and I will see if I can find the time to prepare another Treasure Hunt for next year.

    "Treasure Hunters from Community Presbyterian, Deer Park, NY" Christian youth ministry >

    "We learned that God speaks to us in many ways."

    Ideas for youth to continue to seek treasures... click: From the Mountaintop