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The Mysteries of Revelation ...

Is it about the future? Is that future in the forseeable future?

"Ask youth which book of the Bible they would like to study and a most likely response woould be 'Revelation'. With so much modern emphasis placed on the 'end times', and prophesies about the future, youth are curious about the mysteries this book expounds."

We will be publishing an eleven lesson study on the last book of the Bible ... The Revelation of St. John, the Divine. The second lesson is below, following the introduction to the study. The second lesson is followed by Lesson One published three weeks ago. .

Lesson One : The Throne of God ... Revelation Chapter 4

John's vision begins with a door opening in heaven and he hears a voice, " Come up here and I will show you what must happen after this."

Question: How would you react if you were asleep and suddenly had a dream like this? Would you be afraid? Excited?

Question: Take a moment to put yourself in John's place. Would you like to know what will happen in the future? If yes, why?

John goes through the door and sees God's throne. Ask the youth to close their eyes and visualize the following:

  • 1. The figure on the throne is featureless. It has the hue of a clear, green like crystal with fiery red coloring added.
  • 2. All around the throne is a green rainbow with flashes of lightning in the background. Twenty-four elders sit around the throne.
  • 3. In front of the throne is a smooth, glass-like pavement, which separates the viewer from the throne.
  • 4. On each side of the throne are four living creatures. Each has eyes in front and in back of its head. One resembles a lion, another an ox; a third resembles an eagle and the fourth a human being. All four creatures chant, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God".
  • Question - Ask youth to open their eyes, then ask, "What does it feel like to be in the presence of God?"

    The following are commonly accepted interpretations of the symbols described in John's vision:

  • The rainbow - reminds everyone of the covenant God made with Noah and all humankind after the flood.
  • The color green - connote a soothing feeling, like the calmness felt when walking through a meadow.
  • 24 Elders - Perhaps they represent the twelve disciples and the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Lightning flashing - reminds the reader of the lightning flashing around Mt. Sinai when Moses received the Ten Commandments.
  • Living creatures - lion represents nobility; the ox, strength; the eagle, swiftness and the human being, wisdom.
  • Lesson Two : The Sealed Scroll ... Revelation Chapter 5

    After John sees God's throne, he notices that God is holding a scroll that is sealed shut. No one is able to open the scroll and John reports he is upset and weeps. It is noted that this is a vision, which John interacts with.

    An elder then speaks, "the lion ... the root of David hath prevailed to open the book " (Revelation 5:5). John turns to look for a lion but sees only a lamb. The lamb "appeared to have been killed" (Revelation 5:6) but was able to open the scroll.

    Question - Who is the lamb and what does this mean?

    Note that Jesus, the descendent of David, is the lamb. He is able to open God's scroll. Thus, Jesus' sacrifice as a lamb did not change the divine plan. Rather his sacrifice revealed God's plan.

    When the scroll is taken by the lamb, "thousands and millions" of angels begin singing:

    "The lamb who was killed is worthy to receive power, wealth, wisdom and strength honor, glory and praise!

    To him who sits on the throne be praise and honor, glory and might forever and ever. Amen."

    Make note that the individual, sitting on the throne and the lamb are two, distinct individuals.

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