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The Mysteries of Revelation ...

Is it about the future? Is that future in the forseeable future?

We will be publishing an eleven lesson study on the last book of the Bible ... The Revelation of St. John, the Divine. The first lesson will be published in mid August and subsequent lessons will be published at two to three week intervals thoughout the year.

Below is the first paragraph of this study:

"Ask youth which book of the Bible they would like to study and a most likely response woould be 'Revelation'. With so much modern emphasis placed on the 'end times', and prophesies about the future, youth are curious about the mysteries this book expounds."

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Would you like access to all eleven lessons on Revelation? These lessons are found in chapter 22 of the book, Not the Same Old, Done-it before Youth Meetings". See below.

Activity Guide for Youth Workers

"I totally had to get this book" better books for christian teens Jo writes regarding Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings ... "I think this book is really good and helpful. I first read the online version of the book because I did not want to pay for it. But after reading a couple of program ideas and having a very very successful youth program I totally HAD to get this book. It is well worth the money."

Hear what Cara of Goodreads says about Review: "Wow! Its one of the few realistic and useful youth books I've run across and is recommended for youth pastors and adult volunteers in youth." Thanks, Cara, for reading and sharing.

New Review on dated January 7, 2018 gives "Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings" 5.0 out of 5 stars and is entitled "Excellent Ideas". It reads, "Excellent and unique ideas. I would recommend this to any Christian youth group."

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