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"A God-send" for you!

Laura Cooley of St. Paul's Church, Patchogue, NY writes...

"Your book is a God-send!! You have laid out in an organized and easy-to-read fashion so many wonderful ideas and activity plans that we will never again feel uncomfortable when getting ready for our next Christian Youth Group meeting. I am new to the role of Youth Group leader and your book gives me confidence that we can indeed succeed with God's help".

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Make the most of your potential to be an outstanding Christian youth leader ... here is what some reviewers have stated.

Youth member now a Youth Leader: I never realized how hard running a youth meeting and keeping the people involved and entertained was, but the book has made coming up with activities simple, easy, and fun..

Nalini: Not the Same Old, Done-it-Before Youth Meetings" ... has lots of fun activities but, much more importantly, it addresses the need to challenge the minds and hearts of our young people.

Jose, New Youth Leader from Mexico:I can surely presence God's work in the author, Tim, through all these years in youth ministry and it's definitely a one in a million book. ;

Frank Tangredi: a practical, eminently usable handbook by someone who has devoted himself heart and soul to working with youth ... that is "Teen tested".

Robin Daud of Pakistan: The reader can feel excited by studying chapters like Flashlight Sing, Olympics, Valentine's - Day of Love and Youth Meeting Place

Victor of Rwanda: we can find Him and ways we can listen to His still, small voice. Let me thank you for this precious book and may God bless you much.

Rev. Kennedy McGowan: Tim is amazingly creative, coming up with themes and ideas for communicating the gospel to youth that are fresh, fun and above all do the job.

Cathy Murray, Jr. High Sunday School teacher: I cannot wait to use some of the Christian youth lessons and awesome activities Tim has put in the book.

Larry Winkler, Radio Talk Show host: When I read this book. I realized this is really, really, well done. You can tell by his exuberance, his enthusiasm, that he has been a real blessing to the youth he has worked with for over thirty years

Jessie Alvarez:This is the best Thanksgiving gift I ever received.

Want to challenge the minds and hearts of our young people?
Please click here:Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings"

"A book that should not be overlooked",

This review is from: Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings (Paperback) by Readers Favorite, (Hawesville, KY USA), dated January 30, 2011

Tim Ferguson has complied his knowledge, ideas and games into a treasure and must-have for all youth leaders, titled: "Not the Same Old, Done-It-before Youth Meetings." It can be difficult trying to plan a youth meeting that will be engaging, fun and also teach a point. This book is a useful resource to solve that problem! There are different lessons focusing on holidays, themes that are pertinent to teens, and games to help get the point across to youth and role plays.

The book is well-organized and has a table of contents as well as an index that helps the reader find what he is looking for quickly. There is also a section that discusses child abuse/mandating reporting. This is important as I know many states mandate that youth workers report abuse and it is important to be informed as to this process if the need should ever arise.

The location of meeting is also discussed along with other practical tips for the workers. It is truly a book that should not be overlooked if you are working with youth!

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click:Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)

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