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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ALBERT EINSTEIN

        The Chest of Visions Series ...

Book Two Coming Soon Book One (The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston) available now... mas

Fourteen billion years ago, a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, a gravity defying force emerged, less than a thousandth of a second in duration

and a second parallel universe to our own emerged.

What happened in this universe? The record of it has been personally received and it is:

An "Extraterrestrial Adventure that calls the reader to examine herself/himself and one's life goals as young people from Caperston confront a prophet and his unique message."

An Christmas gift for all, aged ten and older. To read more about the outcome of these parallel universes, please click: Reviews Chest of Visions

Book Two Continues the Story...

New Pathways 'cross Broken Highways

For the full story of Chihaysu and Princess Cle-as, please click: Chihaysu and the Princess

" appeal was made to spare their lives as there had never been an execution in Romas. The ruler agreed and sent them across the desert on their own. Upon crossing the desert they observed there were already settlements in the mountains so they continued, settling to the southwest of Lake Gael. These criminals are the ancestors of the Valley People. So all of you, Mountain and Valley people, are ancestors of my kingdom, Romas."

For the full story of Dustin and his mountain "friends",click: Martyrdom in Caperston

Angeling collapsed in tears holding her brother in her arms. Dawnling cried out, 'How could you do this to my and your dear friend Dustin. Don't you remember how you were all fed because he shared his lunch with you at the meeting with Chihaysu?'

June 6th

For the full story of Pav-ed Overboard,click: Zester and Pav-ed

"It was just about dark and Zester walked downstairs and stated that Pav-ed was staggering about the boat and seemed confused. The boat rocked to one side and Pav-ed accidentally fell overboard. The soldiers all left their meals and ran upstairs but it was now dark and Pav-ed could not be seen."

September 11th

For the story of Chihaysu speaking about love, please click: Teaching about true love

"Chihaysu went to the center of town, in front of the House of the Dead and stated that he had an announcement to make. Several people came to listen and this is the first time he has given a speech in front of the House of the Dead... Chihaysu was very clear in the message he was sharing ... stating that love is a special emotion that comes from God and brings people together."

For the story of Rachaeling's escape, please click: Escape and Hugapods

"When we enter North Woods we will meet Marcus and two friends. They know the path even at night. With the poor eyesight the Hugapods have, we expect to travel safety with the minimum light that our compuls can provide. I have advised Rachaeling and she states she is ready to go. She is very brave - showing no fear or worry.."

October 21st

For the story of saving the jailor, please click: Prison Break?

"Chihaysu said that he was staying and began singing the Praise Him song you shared with us. Timus joined in as did Ammed. Surprisingly, the Mountain Youth returned to their cell and joined in. When the shaking stopped, the jailor, who was responsible for Chihaysu and all others, returned and could not believe that everyone remained."

For the story of the Dream, please click: How Do you know about God

"Marcus asked, "How do you know about God?" and Erbert told their story. His father was the ruler of the Hugapods and many years ago had a dream. It was a very vivid dream of a man, tied to a tree up in the air. His hands were spread horizontally and, when he looked closely, he saw that he was not tied to the tree but large nails were piercing his bleeding hands."

January 2017:Trial of Chihaysu: Caperston Changes Forever

For the story of the Trial of Chihaysu, please click: Caperston Changes Forever

"The person asking for the trial is Zester and he came up with an old rule no one was aware of which says that anyone protesting to the ruler shall be tried and, if guilty, put to death. Zester will argue that Chihaysu spoke out against the Ruler's decree that Rachaeling marry him even though she did not want to. He will argue that Chihaysu encouraged her to break the law."

Chihaysu Travels to Romas: Sav-ed in Charge

For the story of Zester, Saved and Chihaysu, please click: Sav-ed in Charge

"He asked Sav-ed if he will take over and lead us in his absence. It is a big job and he wants Sav-ed to pray about it , letting him know in a few days. Then what he said shocked us. He said that, after spending time with the Hugapods, he learned something from Erbert and his people. He learned how powerful forgiveness is. His last piece of business, before he travels to Romas, is to meet with Zester. He wants to tell Zester that he forgives him for all that Zester did to him.."

February 11th: Zester Forgiven

Three Questions Answered: Dustin, Jesus, Future

May 27th: For the story of Chihaysu's Three Questions, please click: Vision of Mattpaul

                                          The Last Vision: the Door Closes

When Chihaysu returned, he advised that he had spent seven days in the desert praying. He enjoyed a brief visit from Jonas but most of the time, he was alone. He felt close to God but had questions that he wanted answered. He said he observed a beautiful sunset on the last night he was there and felt a peace come over him.

That night he dreamed. He dreamed that he met Mattpaul and he posed three questions to Mattpaul. He said the dream was so vivid he remembered, he believes, every word spoken during the dream.

                       Before "New Pathways 'Cross Broken Highways" came

         "The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston"

                                  Below are some summary reviews:

Lee Ashford reviewing for Readers' Favorite: "The Chest of Visions" is crafted as a totally new concept for involving today's youth in Bible study. Borrowing from the contemporary popularity of Science Fiction and Fantasy fiction novels, comics and movies, the author has devised a correspondence across parallel universes between several teen-aged individuals on two different planets in two different universes.

If read in its entirety, and considered prayerfully, "Chest of Visions" should be acknowledged as a significant step forward in Youth Group Study Guides.

Review by Daniel Mosley, age 16: "I loved this book. It is inspiring and interesting ..."

Review by Melissa Jagel: "Engaging, exciting, entertaining, and easy-to-read! Ferguson's super-cool little book, "The Chest of Visions," brilliantly captures the essence of the Gospel message "

Comment from Pastor Dianne Dunne of Hope for the Future Ministries, "I loved the book you need a sequel to it." {Note: New Pathway 'Cross Broken Highways is the free sequel.}

Review by Keila Ochoa Harris, Mexican christian fiction author: "Through a fast paced story we learn about Mattpaul and his adventure in Caperston... Mattpaul had a decision to make. He had to choose between following Chihaysu or staying as he was."

Marie Hough Review: "The Chest of Visions, Secrets of Caperston is a must read for everyone... I began reading it with my ten year old grandson one day. When I came back one week later he had finished the book on his own and said he cannot wait to read the sequel. This is one of a few books that I will enjoy rereading numerous times."

Elizabeth Marie review: "In this book we meet youth from two different worlds...Once I opened this book, I couldn't set it down ... I love this book! I think it's perfect for a youth group read and study."

Shirley Johnson review: "I read this book with a thirteen year old girl and once we were finished I asked her how she felt about our experience. She said it definitely made her think about many things in her own life and in her walk with God."

Several more reviews and purchase information can be read, please click ... Reviews Chest of Visions