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Johnson Jokes from Florida

My name is Demarquis Lamar Johnson. I am an artist/writer from Altamonte Springs, FL. And I work as a Mental Health Tech on an assisted living campus in Fern Park, FL. I have been saved for years, and feel a strong calling to use my talents for God right now. I do art free lance, and I write jokes and poetry as well. One of my jokes is in this month’s issue of Boys Life magazine. One of my biggest goals in life is to show young people how great it can be to live for God. Please allow me to share some of my riddles with you.




What is Jesus favorite sport?

Answer: Weightlifting

What did the church softball team call their pitchers no-hitter?

Answer: A Silent night

How did David defeat Goliath?

Answer: He got a-head-of-him

Why did the pastor refuse to throw away his old golf shoes eventhough they had holes in them?

Answer: They were holy

What do they serve at a Jewish coffee shop?

Answer: He-brew

Why did the Chef ask Jesus for an egg?

Answer: His yolk is easy.

What is the quickest way to get your prayers to heaven?

Answer: Fast.

#1. Romans 8:28 states "If god be for us who can be against us." This basically means if you are on gods team you win. No man or any opposition can come against God and win. There for if you make the decision to walk with God, keep in mind always that you are a winner simply because your on Gods team, and nothing or no one can defeat you.

#2. Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God. This is a vital mindset that every christian should take on. Without any question if you believe in God, there should be no hesitation in believing nothing is to hard nor impossible for God. To help you, remember God is an expert. He created you, therefore any problem you have he can fix. Nothing is impossible with him in your life. Pray and believe he can do it, whatever your facing.

If you wish to hear more riddles from Demarquie, please write to us at I will happily encourage him to keep sharing his gift with the world. Tim Ferguson

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