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Jessi Marquis Story

"You get to be part of the culture" ... by clothing AIDS orphans and building houses for the homeless. These are two of many ways Jessi and friend, Jessica, participated in the World Race the first eleven months of 2010.

Jessi Marquis stated that the eleven month mission trip got off to a rocky start. "I was very nervous at the beginning and said to myself, 'I can't do this'." She had to leave the comforts of New York and "surrender my life" to God. Two days after skipping her planned flight to New Zealand for the start of the World Race, Jessi was ready to go. World Race participants were asked to set a goal for their upcoming preparation. Jessi's was simple yet profound. "I want to know God's heart and to have his heart inside of me". It was a goal each of us would benefit this year as setting as a New Year's resolution. For Jessi, it was a goal that was met last year.

On January 3, 2011 Jessi and her friend Jessica spoke at the Deer Park Presbyterian church to the youth group of the church. This is the home base for the website, Jessie shared shared the story of being in a hospital in Uganda when she suddenly heard loud wailing. She was drawn to the sound and found a mother crying over her teenage son who had just committed suicide. Why did he commit suicide? The doctors in the hospital had no medication to relieve the pain of an illness so suicide became his escape route. As the woman cried out, "My son, my son" Jessi could only respond, "God loves you". youth ministry programs Soon after a pickup truck arrived and staff simply tossed the body of the deceased child into the bed of the truck. How different this was than in the United States yet the mother's cries were no different. The pain was no different. Jessi summed up, "We forget that God knows us as individual... when I am crying, he is hysterically crying with me."

Jessi also shared a salient observation. These impoverished people "have more joy than people we know at home. They are starving but they are happy". Perhaps they have opened themselves to God's heart and it has filled them with all the fruits of the spirit - peace, love, joy ...

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Jessi Marquis friend, Jessica, then spoke. She shared an experience that particularly moved her. While working at an orphanage a person, who was the caregiver for the children was leaving to attend college. He was a beloved caregiver and there was much weeping amongst residents when he left. One of the boys took control over his weeping and stated "How great is our God". Jessica's mission became, in part, to fulfill that testimony over the next few weeks while working at the orphanage.

Both Jessi and Jessica agreed that a key to successful mission is to "accept and love people and show people what God looks like". Jessi concluded her presentation by asking the youth present to identify the needs in the local mission field and the things that they could do. This was a hard question for the teans present who simply answered "homelessness and being hungry" as being the primary challenges the needy face in New York. In her blog written a few days after the meeting, Jessi lists several different needs of the New York needy, needs that were based on a troubled soul, a disbelieving spirit.

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Here is another way to reach out to people oversees and help Make the World a Better Place ... have your youth join Bible PenPals ... meet youth from oversees ... sharing your joys and pains and how faith has seen you through the difficult times. click: Bible penpals

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