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Jerusalem Trip: July 2011


The Beauty of the Sea of Galilee

Being baptized in the Jordan River

Nazareth and Caperneum: walking where Jesus walked

The Garden of Gethsemanee outside Jerusalem

The wailing Wall in Jerusalem and those praying

Thoughts, dreams, visions of a Chest of Visions"

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The song "Passages" was written and copyrighted by Tim Ferguson, 1998

"The Chest of Visions" did not begin here but it was fulfilled during this trip.

Lake Gael ... The Sea of Galilee

Caperston ... Caperneum

Chihaysu ... Christ Jesus

Jonton ... John the Baptist

Mattpaul ... Matthew and Paul

Read the story, now available.

An adventure in a faraway land, a "story of faith, hope, courage and intrigue"

The Secrets of Caperston revealed.

Includes lessons at the end to help youth discover their God-given visions.

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