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International Bible Treasure Hunt 2013

In January 2009 this website offered the first "International Bible Treasure Hunt". About twenty youth groups participated from several different countries and great fun was had by all. It was also a creative learning experience.

Comments made by a couple of the groups, who did the Bible Treasure Hunt in 2009, have been taken to heart. While the 2009 event was very well received, a few groups found one section difficult. It is being removed from this year's Bible Treasure Hunt and being replaced by an optional section that will compare the life of Jesus to a religious figure named Chihaysu, residing in a far away land. Many of Chihaysu's teachings closely resemble the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We feel that this new addition to the Treasure Hunt is a significant learning tool as comparing the teachings of God's son to a similar figure from another world can only deepen our youth's understanding of Biblical truths. Plus the surprise ending of the story speaks to the theme of "making a difference" in the world. Lastly, the fact that the "Chest of Visions" is a story of God's intervention in another world makes this year's Bible Treasure Hunt all the more international in nature.

Groups participating may chose to complete simply the "Bible" part of the Treasure Hunt (about 80%) or to complete both sections.

Three recogitions to the winners will be given.

  • The first is for the highest score on the Bible portion of the competition.
  • The second for the answers given to the Chest of Visions portion - see below.
  • A grand prize for the best combined score. The group with the highest overall score will be given an opportunity for your group leader to submit a summary with pictures of your group. I will create a webpage solely for your group and a summary of your groups activities and accomplishments. If you wish me to include any links, I will do so.

  • The Treasure Hunt will be held in the first two weeks of January 2014 to allow those groups, choosing to participate in both segments of the hunt, time to obtain and read "The Chest of Visions".

    If interested, groups or individuals wishing to participate should contact me at for further material and instructions. When doing so, please share the following information:

  • The name of your group or of yourself
  • The city, state , country of your group or yourself.
  • If a group, a brief, one paragraph description including church affiliation, number in group and a statement about how often you meet, how long the youth group has been in existence and the like.

    For example, if I was describing our youth program I would write that we are: "The Christians Under the Stairs Junior and Senior High Youth Group is sponsored by Community Presbterian Chuch, Deer Park, New York. The group has been in existence since 1994 and features regular Sunday evening meetings, work with soup kitchens in New York City, participation in the 30 Hour Famine and the original International Bible Treasure Hunt in 2009."

  • Christian youth completing 2009 International Bible Treasure Hunt in Deer Park, New York (left) and Liberia, Africa (right)

    For groups interested, more details will follow. In general, the event should take about two hours. Answers to the Chest of Visions portion can be researched prior to the actual event but the completion of the questions should be during the event. Please note that the book "The Chest of Visions" is relatively short,can easily be read in a two hour period and youth are encouraged to read it prior to the actual Bible Treasure Hunt. It is most easily purchased through

    Please note: groups can choose to do the Bible portion only or the full set of questions including those on the Chest of Visions. If interested in doing the entire Treasure Hunt, click The Chest of Visions for further information on the book.


    Part Two of International Bible Treasure Hunt - Optional

    The Chest of Visions

    Caperston exists in a parallel universe to that of our own. Since it was created by splitting the early created universe into two, it is a twin of our universe and much of its history parallels our own. Thus, a study of the emerging faith on Caperston is very revealing to the study of our own Christian faith.

    Below are questions and the chapters the answers can be found in. The questions are worth 1.5 points each to be added to the final score of the International Bible Treasure Hunt. Some chapters have more than one question and some answers require a listing of answers. You may discuss the answers to these questions with your young people prior to the Treasure Hunt as part of your reading of the book. However, no written recording of the answers should be competed until the youth actually do the hunt sometime in January 2014.

    The Chest of Visions

    Chapter One: Getting to Know You

    How is God different than the acknowledged ruler of Caperston?

    Chapter Two: Who is Chi-hay-su?

    What parable of Jesus is similar to the story Chihaysu told about the houses of the Mountain People and the houses of the Valley People?

    Chapter three: My Conflict

    Alex's conflict involves the death of his friend, Kevin. What is his conflict? His Caperston friend, Mattpaul, asks Chihaysu "if God would allow a good person to die and why?" Like Jesus often did, Chihaysu answers with a story. What is the story and what advice does it give to Alex?

    Chapter Four: Teachings

    In this chapter there are two stories Chihaysu tells that remind us of the teachings of Jesus. Please identify Chihaysu's stories and the corresponding teachings of Jesus?

    Chapter Five: Becoming a Follower

  • What test did Chihaysu give to those who wanted to be his special followers, a test that clearly allowed him to distinguish between those worthy and those unworthy to follow him?
  • Upon becoming a follower, Matthaul and Marcus go to speak to the Mountain Youth. What challenging question did the Mountain Youth have for them and how did Marcus answer it?
  • Chapter Six: An Inoculation of Hope

    Alex states that he needs an "Innoculation of hope" and thanks Mattpaul for inspiring him. It is Mattpaul's recounting of Chihaysu's Sermon on the Shore that inspires Alex. The Sermon on the Shore resembles Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Give three teachings in Chihaysu's Sermon on the Shore which can be found in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7)

    Chapter Seven: Challenges Are Arising

  • A confrontation occurred between Chihaysu and a man in front of the House of the Dead. What was it and what event in the life of Jesus does this remind you of?
  • What miracle of Jesus is similar to an event in Chapter 7 where Chihaysu has to rely on the generosity of two teenagers in order to meet a presented challenge?
  • Chapter Eight: Arrested

    After Chihaysu, Jonas and Mattpaul are arrested, an event takes place that results in their freedom. What takes place and how does it free them?

    Chapter Nine: The Chest of Visions

  • What three visions did the father of Chihaysu have regarding his son? These were recorded in a Chest of Visions Chihaysu recived as a teenager.
  • In addition to the recording of the visions, what else was left in the chest? How was it to be used?
  • Chapter Ten: Heaven

  • Describe Alex's three dreams. What three identifiable people are in these dreams?
  • After telling his friend, Laura his dream, Laura responds, "You have come back to us, Alex". Alex replies that he did not come back on his own. Who brought Alex back?