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Hope is seen for 2019

Hope is Seen when we have a willing heart for God's Word.

Hope is seen when we all know what must be done and when we responsibly act.

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A Dream? A Vision? Which is it?

While walking to the supermarket to purchase a few groceries, I noticed a written announcement taped to the side of the entrance. Before the New Year, Come Meet God at the Library Meeting Room. The writing was in black magic marker, neatly written with the word in gold.

There was something catchy about the message. Of course, the idea that God, himself, would be present never crossed my mind. However, an event that focused on God's expectations for the coming New Year caught my interest.

Noting that the meeting was scheduled for a little over an hour later that day, I hastily purchased my groceries, drove home and dropped them off. A five minute drive to the library brought an unexpected surprise. I anticipated ten to fifteen attendees but, as I approached the front door, there was a line that reached outside the front door. Having arrived about ten minutes before the start of the meeting, I eagerly awaited the opening of the door, particularly since it was rather cold outside.

At the scheduled time the door opened and the line started to move. We appreciated coming out of the cold and into the warmth of the building. Once inside however, the movement of the line came to a stop. The conference room was above us and we could observe its entrance and, to our surprise, individuals were invited in one at a time. A visitor would enter and the door shut behind. About a minute or two afterwards the door would open, the visitor emerged and then left via a backdoor to the building as the second in line entered.

On the line people became a bit edgy. Several ahead of me left. The ones who stayed were all friendly and, though we could not see anyone who left the room (to ask what was said as they met God), we were able to share how we all were called to the library for this meeting with God that was becoming more mysterious as we waited. Interestingly, everyone had seen the invitation in the same place, the supermarket, and at one period in time between one and three hours before the announced meeting at the library.

Before I really knew it, I was next in line to enter the room. A tinge of indigestion hit my stomach as I heard the door open and a recently-found friend, with whom I had waited for over an hour on line, exited the room without a word to say. It was now my turn!

I entered the room and it was empty except for some stacks of books off to the left. There was a window on the right with curtains fully drawn. In front of me was a chair on which sat a being, quite humanlike although I could not discern if this individual was male, female or neither. The being's skin was translucent, tan in color and it was wearing a modest robe over the shoulders and draping down to the ankles, while seated. I was afraid to do more than but glance at the being but there was something about that chair. I was sure I recognized it but then I didn't.

The being pointed to a chair in front of me and made no physical utterances. I sat on the chair and gazed forward, sensing a return gaze that was caring and interested. Then a thought, actually a question, came to my mind, clearly articulated "What ability do you have to make this world a better place?"

I was stunned to perceive the question and my mind went blank as the being across from me patiently waited for my response. I was unable to respond. Then for a second time ..."What ability do you have to make this world a better place?"

Slowly, the reply flashed across my mind. "I am an organizer. I like to get people together to do things for the good of those in need." A smile came across the being's face and, flashing across my mind, was the response. "I agree".

Now I was anxious to leave but, apparently the being was not finished. Across my mind flashed the thought, "What worries you the most?" I knew I had better come up with an answer, so my response was "the devisiveness in the world". The being smiled. The being bowed its head, looked up and gestured for me to do the same. I did. The thought then filled my mind "now you know what to do to heal the world". It was a peaceful thought and, when I opened my eyes, I found I was not in the library but home, sitting in my living room peering at a chair in front of me. It was the very chair the being was seated in.

What I remember is waking up before dawn with this vivid recall of the above events. I quickly jotted down much of the above then dosed off for a little while and again waking when the sun rose. The second time I was a little less precise in my recall. So was it a dream? Probably but I never remembered a dream and its details like this one. Perhaps this is what a vision actually is. One thing I know for certain is what God would have me do to heal the world.

In my dream/vision I was one of many who made the visit to that room. I believe there are many dreams/many visions for the coming year. Hope is seen for 2019.

****************************************************************************************** So what do we make of this?
  • The writer asked to be anonymous but appears sincere. He believes he is not the only person to have this dream/vision and, because he believes there are many, he feels 2018 will be a special year for altruistic efforts.

  • The fact that the being (most likely a messenger from God) allowed the writer to identify his ability to make the world a better place and then share what worries him most is interesting. The messenger is not bringing a message but is assisting individuals to find their own role in order to "make the world a better place". He asks the writer to pray, affirms the insights of the writer and returns the writer to his home as the messenger's role is completed.

  • If all is true, there appears to be a reason to expect Hope to arise in the coming year.

  • What do you think? Anyone have a similar experience? Please share by writing to

  • Hope is seen for 2019 !
  • More New Year's Thoughts (from New Year's Eve but worth republishing):

    Our son shared four New Years Resolutions with me and I have never done so in the past. There is always a first time, so here are mine:

    1. Put into practice the power of forgiveness.

    2. Listen to those I disagree with because I will probably learn something useful.

    3. Begin each day determined to do something special for somebody.

    4. Begin each day in prayer -letting the Spirit of God lead me in accomplishing resolutions numbers one through three.

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