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Gun Control: A Critical time in History

Having spent a few days in rural Pennsylvania, we found much to appreciate. Warm weather was a treat and a surprise sunset offered an even greater surprise when taking a picture. Upon looking at it, there was a farmer , working the fields until the last ray of sunshine left. This reminded me of days as a youth watching local farmers, hard at work, during a simpler time.

Unfortunately, two miles away a sign of the current times was clear ... leading to a rising concern for our country. In an area so safe that store owners leave much of their merchandise outside their stores after they leave work for the evening, we noted a t-shirt prominently displayed as we entered the door of the local marketplace. It is the blue t-shirt below right and we were most troubled by the message on the shirt. It listed a number of firearms then concluded: "all faster than dialing 911". Also displayed were two additional T-shirts. The readings on these t-shirts were: "Gun Safety Rule #1: carry one" and "Ban Idiots not Guns".

Yes, our country allows freedom of speech but with sentiments like these our country faces a deepening crisis which can no longer be ignored. Not all states will address these issues and for people like my family, who like to travel, this is disheartening.

These displays lead us to conclude that the federal government must take action to review the current laws and enact legislation that will evaluate what controls are necessary (banning bump stocks, for example), while continuing to protect second amendment rights in an appropriate way.

The sentiments, written on the above T-shirts, are advising citizens to ignore the police and then to take the law into their own hands. The creators of these shirts are advocating for untrained citizens to confront dangerous circumstances with a firearm being the controlling factor. Anarchy in the streets is the most likely outcome. The federal government can no longer remain silent. It has the responsibility to assure that these dangerous courses of action, being advocated, are confronted.

We suggest using a text similar to the above to write to the two leaders of congress: Mr. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House at 20 South Main Street, Suite 10, Janesville, Wisconsin 53545-3959 and to Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader at Professional Arts Building, 2320 Broasdway, Suite 100, Paducah, Kentucky, 42001.

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