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Below are some suggested activities to "kick off" your Christian Youth Group program. Some of the activities are described below while most are referenced with links to a detailed explanation.

Three Pens Game

Three Pens Game. In this game, the leader sits behind a table, which is bare except for three pens. The pens are randomly set in a design by the youth leader. The youth leader rests one or two hands on the table alongside the three arranged pens. When doing this, one or more fingers are clearly pointed on the table in sight of all observers. The group is asked to determine what number is represented on the table.

It usually takes several attempts for at least one or two youth to discover the solution, which is determined by the number of fingers pointing on the table and not by the arrangement of the pens. The leader must take time before each guess to rearrange the pens carefully to leave the impression that he or she is diligently trying to get the formation of pens just right. The leader should alternate displays of fingers, using one or two hands with a varying number of fingers pointing after each rearrangement of the pens. The longer it takes for everyone to guess how to solve the riddle, the more fun it is, especially for the youth who have already figured out the answer and who usually cannot contain their disbelief that everyone does not get it. Make sure everyone "gets it" some time, even if you have to pound two hands with five extended fingers on the table and call out "ten" for those who continue to struggle.

As simple as this game appears, it has a very important message for the youth group year. Remind youth that the correct answer is obtained when they look at the entire table, the "whole picture", not just the obvious (the pens). Similarly, when we study things of faith, we need to look at them from various segments of Scripture. Paul's views of faith and those of James are different, yet the understanding of each gives us a more complete knowledge of how our faith helps us move forward in all the tasks of our lives.

Cross The Line

Cross the is a simple game that should lead to lots of sharing amongst the youth members. Line the youth up in a straight line. Draw a line, place a string on the ground for a line or ask the youth to imagine a line. Then ask a series of questions with the following as examples:

How many of you slept in a tent the past year?

How many of you have gone to a circus?

How many of you play a musical instrument?

How many of you went out of state for a vacation this past summer?

Who saw a good movie last summer?

Who can warn us of a bad movie, to be avoided, that you saw in the past year?

Who has a favorite Bible verse to be shared?

After asking the questions, ask those who answer affirmatively to step across the designated line. If several step across (the youth leader should decide how many is several), have all the youth sit in a circle and have the youth share their experience. Once everyone shares their experience, it is time to get back on the line for another question.

What is Truly Timeless?

what will make time stand still for Christian youth? We then did a second contest. I asked the young man with the cell phone to do a search to find a Time Machine, a way for him to go back in time. Arindam looked at me and said, "I can't".

Learn about a Time Machine we all have.

... The Time Machine

The Rich Young Ruler

A Christian youth lesson that asks the question how to react to the command of Jesus to give everything that you own to the poor, then follow we are ready to follow Him.
The Rich Young Ruler

The Jury Speaks

The Jury Speaks activity, found on pages 35 to 47 of the below activity reference guide for Christian youth workers, has been an ongoing favorite activity amidst our youth groups since I developed it forty years ago. There is enough material for multiple meetings so review all scenarios and pick what is best for your group.

Some cases to be reviewed are entitled: ""History Class", "Football Practice" and "Always Borrowing".

Revelation Study for Teens

We also have our study of the book of revelation for Christian youth. Click: Revelation Study for the lessons and more information.

More Activities for Youth Workers

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