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A Meditation: The Seven Fruits of the Spirit plus One

Speaker One: Today, amidst a pandemic, we, your people ask that you fill each of us with the promised fruits of the spirit as shared with us in the letter to the people of Galatia from the Apostle Paul.

Speaker Two : Lord, bless us with your gift of faithfulness, help us each find a way to faithfully assist our church in helping those in need in our world.

Speaker Three: Lord, fill us with your gift of goodness , that we might, individually, discover a way to make our world a better place for all to live.

Speaker One: Lord , sensitize us to your gift of kindness, that our hearts might be filled with the desire to bring joy to others in the most basic of ways.

Speaker Two: Faithfulness, goodness, kindness – how much better will the world be with these three gifts of your spirit.

Speaker Three: Lord, it is perhaps the hardest of your gifts to fully accept but please give us patience … with those close to us and with the struggles of our leaders in these hard times. Help us not to overly judge others and to remember that sometimes a small step backward is necessary to make a leap forward.

Speaker One: Wave your hand across our world and give it peace … help us all to find a way peacefully resolve any differences we may have with others.

Speaker Two: after filling us with peace, empower us with love that catches on to all around us, a epiphany of what our world can become.

Speaker Three: Fill us with a joy that abounds within, a joy that reminds all the Lord has come and calls us to love, be peaceful and patient , to kindly care for all but particularly for those in great need…to enhance our kind hearts in faithful acts of goodness.

Speaker One: seven fruits of the Spirit, all empowering. Faithfulness, goodness, kindness, patience … peace, love and joy, all so important. But we pray for one more … Vision. As the prophet Joel foretold … youth will have dreams and their elders … will have visions. Lord give each of us a vision of what you would have us do to make our world a better place, a vision grounded in these seven fruits of the spirit … and with our individual visions, call us each to our individual missions. May we dare to dream that we can learn how to serve others and, yes, our world will, thereby, become a better place.

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