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Five Kernels of Corn

Thanksgiving Feature: Five Kernels of Corn
This activity is intended as a prelude to a Thanksgiving dinner for our youth group but it could also be done independent of the dinner.

In order to aid youth to understand the severity of life in the Pilgrim colony, before a Thanksgiving dinner with the youth, have them sit around a decorated table void of food. Then bring out a paper plate for each youth member with five kernels of corn on each. Note that these are not ears of corn but kernels of corn. Youth are then advised that when the Pilgrims arrived from England, life was not easy. Months before the first Thanksgiving feast there had been hardship. Most of their attempts to plant crops had failed. The only success was a New World crop, corn, which the local Native Americans had introduced them to. Nevertheless, only so much corn could be raised and stored and near the end of the winter they were running out.

Historical records indicate that there was a weeklong period in which food was rationed and the adults of the community, except for the pregnant women, had to live on a ration of five kernels of corn per day. It was the only food the community had as it awaited the early crops of the coming spring, which included wild berries, and the game that would return once the vegetation emerged.

Youth are asked to eat the five kernels as if that were their daily allotment of food. Briefly discuss what living like this would be like if this is all people had to eat each day. Then it is time for the prepared dinner. The youth should have a greater appreciation for all that we have in this country after this exercise.

Another special idea like five kernels of corn and a holiday gift for your youth ...

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