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Feed My Lambs

"Feed My Lambs"

We have many ways of sharing the events of Holy Week. Ideas of how to do this are given in chapter 20 of the book, “Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings”.

It is suggested that in addition to such activities youth be challenged with a recorded event that occurred after Holy Week, after the Crucifixtion and after the Resurrection. In fact this is the last recorded correspondence of Jesus to one of his disciples with the exception of the words he shared in Matthew 28, moments before his ascension. Read John 21: 15-17. In this passage Jesus asks the question, “Do you love me?” Peter replies that he does. Jesus then responds, “Feed my lambs”. This dialogue is repeated two additional times. The fact that Jesus continues the dialogue three times suggests that it is important guidance he is giving.

Ask youth who they believe these lambs are? Who were they in the time of Jesus and, more importantly, who are the lambs to be fed today? Ask youth for generalized answers, for example, “the poor” or “the homeless” then ask them to be more specific. Perhaps there are fellow students who need to be fed. Maybe someone is facing a divorce in their family and need support or someone is picked on or bullied in school and needs a friend.

Define faith as not an inner feeling but an action, the act of “Saying ‘yes’ to the Word of God”. When we say “yes” to the Word of God, we are also “saying yes” to Jesus’ command to “feed my sheep”. When we take actions of faith we transpose Jesus from someone, who we know only in stories to a person, whose spirit dwells in our hearts. When we listen to that spirit, we are ready to “make a difference” in the world.

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