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Blues and Whites

Let's begin with the dream as explained by our friend, whose identity is being kept confidential. All we will say is that he does not live in a country where civil unrest is currently prominent.

"I passed a group of adults with something like a uniform on them - blue color. It was like they were stationed at a checkpoint though I cannot remember if they were checking people. After few yards walk, I saw them passing me by.

A minute later I saw the whole broad way, filled with people of the same blue color. I got concerned and later noticed a few exceptions: people were there with white colors on. The dress code was visibly in order. For the men in blue they had long trousers on with a coat that drops past their knees. Likewise the white: white suit, long trousers and coat that matched.

Something strange started to happen: The blues began to hit the whites and it appears like whenever the whites are hit, they would be touched by a gentle spirit. The blues were in the majority. Where you find hundreds of blues, there is one or two whites. The struggle went on until I saw a different white: very gentle in appearance and I saw him rising his hands towards Heaven , and the spirit in a shadow of white was descending down on him."

Here are our thoughts:

Psychoanalysts tell us that dreams reflect our inner, unconscious minds. In the Bible we learn of dreams that were warnings (dream of Joseph, father of Jesus, Matthew 2) or dreams that were predictive in nature (Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream ). Now what about our friend's dream?

First of all I offer no interpretation for the color blue. Those dressed in white, perhaps, represent believers who are, in God's sight, made pure via their faith. With that in mind, I see a message of hope here. Even when outnumbered the whites are "touched by a gentle spirit". As the dream progresses a special white appears, raising his hands to heaven. This individual is not an intense evangelist talking of doom, fire and brimstone but he/she is a person "very gentle in appearance", who focuses on heaven's guidance and who is filled with God's spirit.

Perhaps the lesson for each of us might be: may we each open our hearts fully to the Spirit of God and perhaps we can all be leaders by our "gentle" actions of love, reaching out and caring for others.

These are my thoughts - do you have other things to share?

There is also a discussion on dreams, their meaning and their interpretations found in chapter 10 of the book " Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings".The chapter is entitled "Dreams and Visions". Click:Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meeting (the book)

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