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(Suggestion for performance: Have a group of singers do the verses of Do You Hear What I Hear and two different youth, acting as Micah and his friend, read the story, embellishing on the lyrics of the carol.)


Said the night wind to the little lamb

Do you see what I see?

Way up in the sky little lamb

Do you see what I see?

A star, a star, dancing in the night

With a tail as big as a kite

Friend: You look tired today, Micah, are you sick?

Micah: No ... I just had a long night ... I didn't sleep much.

Friend: Why? It was so cool and comfortable last night. I slept like a log.

Micah: I know ... well ... let me just start at the beginning I brought the sheep in, like I always do. It was, as you said, a cool night. Suddenly a breeze picked up. Not a strong one but it happened so suddenly. The sheep became more and more restless so I went outside. The sheep had begun to wander... all but four or five of them. It was so unusual as they are usually so good. Well, down the slope they went ...

Friend: The one in back of your home which we used to roll down?

Micah: Uh huh ... I followed them to the bottom of that slope and there it was.

Friend: What?

Micah: The star ... the one everyone's been talking about.

Friend: Oh yes, when I stopped to pick up water this morning, the people at the well were talking about it.

Micah: It was really something ... at least twice as bright as anything I've ever seen.

Friend: Where was it?

Micah: Well, let's see ... over there (he points) right above the vineyard ... towards those caves.

Friend: Well, it must have been quite a sight but why did it keep you up so late?

Micah: Well ... as I stared at the star ...

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy

Do you hear what I hear?

Ringing through the sky, shepherd boy

Do you hear what I hear?

A song, a song, high above the tree

With a voice as big as the sea

With a voice as big as the sea

Micah: Well I stared at the star ... I heard singing

Friend: Singing?

Micah: Yes, singing, and the sheep heard it too and started moving towards the sound.

Friend: But where was it coming from?

Micah: I know you'll think this is crazy, but from ... (points to the sky) up there.

Friend: Up there? Behind the vineyard.

Micah: Yes

Friend: I wonder if someone tasted a little too much wine at the vineyard last night. That happens sometimes.

Micah: Oh no, not at the vineyard ... up there (points)

Friend: You mean up there ... in the sky

Micah: Yes

Friend: O.K. now I get it ... last night the night wind woke the sheep; they wondered to where you and the sheep could see the star, you and the sheep hear someone or something singing over and above the vineyard.

Micah: That's right

Friend: And what was this person or thing singing

Micah: It was singing "Give glory to God, peace has come to Earth" or something like that

Friend: So ... (long pause) did you go investigate?

Micah: I had no choice, the sheep led me there

Friend: Where?

Micah: To the baby and his mother and father

Friend: A baby?...Maybe it was his parents who were singing?

Micah: No, it wasn't them ...when we got there we could still hear the singing and it wasn't them.

Friend So what did you do?

Said the shepherd boy to the Mighty King

Do you know what I know?

In your palace warm, mighty King

Do you know what I know?

A child, a child shivers in the cold

Let us bring him silver and gold

Let us bring him silver and gold

Friend: So what did you do?

Micah: Well, I wasn't the only one there ... there was Hosea and Samuel.

Friend: The two who have herds on the other side of town?

Micah: Yes, they also saw the star and heard the singing. Samuel said that maybe this was an omen and a good one ... the singing was saying "Peace has come to Earth". Hosea turned to me and said "Go tell the King" and, without thinking, I ran.

Friend: Then what happened?

Micah: When I got to the palace, it was very late. Everyone was asleep except for a guard ... I was scared ... but I told him about the star, the singing and the baby. He said that he had seen the star but that he hadn't heard any singing. He then told me to leave so I returned to the cave.

Friend: And then?

Micah: When I returned, Hosea and Samuel had left. The baby and his mother were asleep, but the father was still awake.

Friend: Did he say anything?

Micah: He thanked me for running to see the King and said he wasn't surprised at the guard's lack of interest. Why would a King be interest in a little boy in a cave? I said ... but there was the star and the singing. The father told me thatonly those who believe God was looking over us would hear the singing... everyone else would have an explanation, like it was the wind rustling through the trees, the leave or an overactive imagination.

Friend: Then what happened?

Micah: We just sat quietly and listened ... the wind blew, the sheep again became restless and we again heard the singing "Give glory to God, peace has come to Earth".

Friend: (after a long pause) What do you think really happened?

Micah: Well, I'm not sure ... I know this baby is a special little baby and I believe that there is a King that needs to hear about this baby's birth's just not this King.

Said the King to the people everywhere

Listen to what I say

Pray for peace, people everywhere

Listen to what I say

The child, the child, sleeping in the night

He will bring us goodness and light

He will bring us goodness and light

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