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Activities during Social Distancing

Solve the Case then ask what's Jesus' advice.

Contact Youth Members and ask them to review the case and come up with a decision. Then share online all decisions. Even better, if a program like Zoom can be used.

After discussing what youth would do, then share passages below of what Jesus would likely advise.

Case Number One: History Class

Problem: Eighth grade boy has an "A" average in history class. He takes a test which he didn't study for and gets an 88. Question number four specifically asks the student to write down information listed in a chapter the teacher had recently assigned to be read. After handing out the corrected tests, the teacher begins his review of the questions and answers. When he gets to the fourth question, the boy vehemently argues that his answer is correct and that the teacher is wrong. The teacher points out that, if he had read the assigned chapter carefully, he would have had the information to get the answer right. The boy then argues that both the teacher and the book are wrong because his father taught him otherwise. He then admits that he didn't read the chapter.

After several minutes of arguing, a girl, sitting next to him, protests that he should listen to the teacher and stop the argument, as she and others want to hear the answers to the rest of the test. The boy turns to her, curses her and tells her to shut up. This is the first time the boy has been heard cursing in class, but the teacher has no choice and sends the boy to the assistant principal's office.

Jury: You are the assistant principal. What action should you take?

Discussion: Several scriptures are suggested. They are:

  • Matthew 5:33-37 in which Jesus, in essence, say "Why swear? What good will it do? Can you change or make anything better by swearing?"
  • Luke 6:45 and Matthew 12:33-37 warn us that what comes out of our mouths reflects what is in our hearts. Cursing at the girl is a way, in this example, of cursing at the whole class, for the brave girl is simply expressing what most, if not all, of the class feel. The curse and yelling, "Shut up" to the class depicts a disdain for others that can't help but be reciprocated.
  • Luke 6:40 and Matthew 10:24-25 offer another reflection on this problem. Jesus' statement "No pupil is greater than his teacher . . . so a pupil should be satisfied to become like his teacher"(Matt. 10:24-25) calls for our argumentative student to respect his teacher. By showing respect for his teacher, he is able to absorb the teacher's knowledge and wisdom, becoming "like him." The key thought is the desire of the student to gain these attributes of his teacher. That is the expectation of the student in Jesus' time and today.
  • More Court Cases? Contact: for additional Court Cases like the case above.

    Here is another at home activity. The book, The Chest of Visions: Secrets of Caperston , is a relatively short read , about two to three hours with over thirty illustrations. It includes several lessons for Christian youth to explore in an appendix at the end of the story. Youth leaders can encourage youth to read the story then pick a lesson or two to focus the youth on.

    The book is inexpensive and can be picked up in digital form.

    Read about a world that changed, slowly for some and, in a whirlwind, for others. Please click: The Chest of Visions

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