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International Bible Study: Matthew Chapter 25

"Me First" or "We First" World

International Bible Study Group Matthew 25: Are we living in a "Me first" or a "We first" World?

"The smiles on their faces were priceless." by Immaculate Nalubega from Kitala, Uganda

I cannot talk for the others but personally I am a part of a team called Trinity Outreach Ministry. In 2017 we reached out to the prisoners. We took food stuffs for the prison cooks to cook and we ate and had soft drinks with the prisoners after preaching to them. We also annually package Christmas buckets containing sugar, rice, spaghetti, salt, cooking oil and washing soap and randomly distribute to needy family we meet in any chosen area.

On December 22nd 2017, we packaged 400 buckets. We took 150 buckets to Entebbe General Hospital and gave them to the people we found Hospitalized. We prayed for them and wished them a quick recovery and Merry Christmas. The rest of the buckets went to the needy families we came across and it was a wonderful surprise for them. The smiles on their faces were priceless. We thank God for using us to extend his helping hand and love to his people.

One of the team members, whom I call my surrogate father, pays for lunch in a hotel for over 200 needy people who can't afford a decent meal over Christmas. We invite many poor families and we dine and interact with them in a beautiful place for a day. Their smiles and excitement are priceless.

I have got so many examples to share for it is my daily mandate and prayer that God should use me to help someone and grant me the resources I need to be helpful to whoever he sends my way. In regards to other Christians, when any evangelical team from my church is to go out to preach the gospel in a crusade or distant church, all church members are asked to bring items that they no longer use or clothes that they can forego to give to the needy communities which the evangelists will evangelize in. People mostly bring clothes, shoes and bags. One time someone brought a big box of biscuits and washing soap. We thanked God and the people who received soap and biscuit for the children praise God for his provision.

ln my home area we are peasants. by Masereka Anatosi from Uganda Kasese

Mathew 25 handles three aspects which include: parable of the ten virgins, parable of the Talents and Judgement of the gentiles. All have similarities in them and encourage righteousness readiness, charity, hard work and giving.

The parable of the ten virgins teach that the righteous attain Heavenly rights because they are ready all the time for they don't know the day and the hour that the Lord will come. The five virgins who went with oil alongside the lambs met the bride groom; the wicked who went with their lambs without oil were left out as they found the door shut for they were not ready.

Parable of the talents shows us the talents God has given to each one of us and we shall be judged for our deeds.

Judgement of the gentiles also show that the righteous, i.e caring Giving, loving, shall be on the right side of God with Jesus. The wicked on the left denied because of the foolish acts. Therefore we have to live a holy life pleasing to God's command.

At the end of every chapter we make demonstration of the reading to Find out what people learnt from the reading. In addition, every Wednesday of the week we do church work. ln my home area we are peasants. We go to poor homes and collect food for them. We make group work like digging.

Crusades of reaching out to the needy are also made during holydays in urban centers so we are trying to live to God's command. Thank you

A ministry called "Somos Todos" (We all are) by Jose Gutierrez, Mexico City

We at Church attend in some ways people in need, sharing the bleesings God has given us.

We have a ministry called "Somos Todos" (We all are) based in one of the most poor areas in Mexico City Suburbs. There on a daily basis from Monday to Friday 300 children in poverty are feed with breakfast before attending school and then afterwards at lunch. They receive new gifts on "EL dia de Reyes" ( January 6th, when we celebrate when the Wise men that gave Jesus). Ee collect these new toys, by buying them for the kids the last weekends of december and the firts Sunday of January.

We come together as one body gathering these funds each week by buying food after or before Sunday services. Many brothers and sisters wake up early in the morning and donate their time and skills to make delicious Mexican food like "chilaquiles, enchiladas, tacos" and some sweet treats like "platanos fritos" ( sweet fried plantains).

We are about 2000 members each Sunday and many of us know that we can be blessed by having a great Mexican breakfast knowing that it´s all for a good cause. Voluntary gifts are made also by members constantly to support "Somos Todos".

A We First World by Tim Ferguson, New York, USA

We have a small church in Long Island, New York, USA but it is a church with a Big Heart. With a regular attendance of about sixty people including children, the Community Presbyterian Church attempts to live out Christ's teaching in Matthew 25, particularly verses 34-46. "I was hungry and you fed me; thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you received me into your home". The passage continues with more examples of reaching out to the needy.

We live in a "me first world" and Christ is calling us to leave the "me" out of the world and convert it to a "we first world". "We" includes ourselves in relationship with others. All relationships of course are different. In our mission relationships sometimes we simply raise money to provide for organizations working with the homeless. Another mission has the church, led by the Sunday School, purchasing supplies for poor children oversees. Actually putting together packages of supplies helps the Sunday School children comprehend how little some others have. Sponsoring a community drive to make 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a month reaches out to the homeless as well as those seeking an opportunity to reach out to the homeless. Then there is our El Salvador mission, where church members actually go to El Salvador each year. Last year and later this summer a team will take Christ's command, "When I was thirsty, you gave me drink" to heart. How? By installing water filters in homes where the families had undrinkable water.

Jesus concludes his admonition in Matthew 25 with the following: "I tell you, whenever you refused to help one of these least important ones, you refused to help me".

In a world becoming more and more "Me first" in nature, we Christians need to demonstrate by our actions that the world, per Jesus' teachings is a: We First World.

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